Benchmark CPU: Intel Alder Lake Pre-release chip flutes M1 Max Apple

 Benchmark CPU: Intel Alder Lake Pre-release chip flutes M1 Max Apple

Ilustrasi prosesor Intel Alder Lake (Wccftech)


The Apple Soc M1 government above the geekbench speed benchmark might soon end with the arrival of the arrival of the Mobile Lake Lake Lake Lake 12th Intel.


The WCCFTECH hardware site seems to have leaked Intel Core i9-12900HK Mobile CPU, and has now revealed the first benchmark. The results showed an Intel cellular CPU narrowly outperformed the 10-core M1 Max Max Apple, which also integrated the 32-core GPU and 64GB of integrated memory.


Alder Inter Lake Processor, which was built on the Intel 7 process, aims for performance and efficiency with a new hybrid architecture to take ARM design. Intel has also worked with Microsoft to optimize new schedulers, Dubbed Thread Director, in Windows 11, which has been available since October 5.


Benchmark Core i9-12900HK WCCFECTECH shows there might be hope for Intel to overcome the stupidity of the high-end CPU being packed by Apple's first arm-based M1 chip last year.


In this latest test, the core i9-12900HK outperformed M1 Max on core and multi-core benchmarks. The margin was slim, but it was important for Intel because Apple wasted the CPU for its own design on a new MacBook.


CPU Lake Alder Intel not beat M1 Max with many, with each core-core score of 1851 and 1785. This defeated Core i9-11980hk and CPU Top AMD mobile phone, Ryzen 5980HX, with a larger margin: two CPUs saw a score of 1616 and 1506, respectively.


In the multi-core benchmark, the core i9-12900HK scored 13256 versus the M1 Max 12753 score again, he defeated AMD 5980HX, which scored 8217.


Despian Lake Alder WCFFTech is run using Windows 11, so the possibility of scheduling the hardware of the director of the thread affects the results.


CPU Lake Alder Intel is expected to be available before the end of the year. With Windows 11 launching and shipping with newer hardware, Windows fans may soon have access to high-performance laptop experiences, high-performance.

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