Galaxy Watch 4 just takes large pieces from Apple Watch Sales

Nuansatech- Galaxy Watch 4 just takes large pieces from Apple Watch Sales

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Apple Watch is an undeniable champion for smartwatch sales - but the Galaxy Watch 4 can be the first big step in the end.


Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 hyped up as one of the biggest smartwatch releases this year - and it turns out that all the buzz also results in impressive sales figures. The SmartWatch market has tilted for years now. Apple has long dominated with Apple Watch and easily exceeds the competition that wanders on its track. Apple Watch is undoubtedly a great product, but the lack of meaningful competition has never been a pleasant sight to see.


That's what makes the Galaxy Watch 4 so engross. Earlier this year, Google announced it partnered with Samsung to completely overhaul and focused the effort to use OS. It tweaked the platform interface, doubling developer support, and somehow convinced Samsung to Tizen trenches for the new operating system. Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic are the first watches sent with OS Wear Refresh, and mostly, they are really well received. They are praised for their great design, fast performance, reliable battery, etc.


But positive reviews are just one part of the equation. It's good that online people have sang Galaxy Watch 4 praise, but is there actually having a significant impact on sales? In short, yes! According to a new report from Counterpoint research, using the market share of SmartWatch OS increased from 4 percent in Q2 2021 to 17 percent in Q3. Q3 2021 also saw Samsung achieved the "highest quarterly shipping, narrowing the gap with Apple."


Apple Watch sales fell 10 percent YoY

Talking about Apple, Q3 2021 is a rough for Apple Watch. Counterpoint data shows that Apple's watch market share decreased by 10 percent year-to-year - mostly because Apple Watch Series 7 was postponed until Q4. This means Apple is likely to see a decent increase for the next quarter, but it is still important that market leaders see a lot of decline.


Even with the expected rebound for Apple, the future for Samsung still looks very smart. Now, Galaxy Watch 4 gives Samsung a solid footing in a mid-end niche smartwatch, the company is now expected to focus its efforts on more affordable options. One third of all smartwatches for sale at the cost of Q3 2021 below $ 100. Given this, Samsung anticipates "launching an affordable model within 2-3 years to target the Asian market that grows fast.


Regardless of how PAN plans, Samsung turnaround is drawn to use an OS that is not commendable. Only a few months ago, using OS contributed almost no SmartWatch market. Now, it accounts for 17 percent, mostly thanks to one product. What's important now is Google to continue to support the OS. Fitbit is expected to launch Watch OS Wear in the near future, companies like Fossil and Skagen also have to follow the suit, and there is a talk about Pixel Watch with a Wear OS Launching in 2022. If Google supports this OS version with a sustainable stream with a stream of hardware Interesting, very fun to think where the platform can be one or two years from now.

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