Game and app while mining bitcoin

 Users of this application can play games all in "Mines" Bitcoin

game and app mining bitcoin

                                    Photo illustration in the application

    An application allowing users to collect Bitcoin, fold, partnership with Pokemon Go game Niantic developer to achieve the same experience, but playing games. This experience will later be realized in the getaway product. The form is a game supported by augmented reality technology (AR), where players can use their camera to claim prices containing various objects around them. Well, one of the game elements in the price that will appear every 10 minutes is the "Satoshi" piece, which is worth 0.00000001 Bitcoin.

    Previously, the application could indeed be used by users to collect Bitcoin via the purchase of gift cards and other transactions, or collect daily bonuses that can be obtained via the daily spin function. Later, games in the request for folds will have more or less the same game mechanism as other AR games manufactured by Niantic such as Ingress and Pokemon Go.

    As explained by folding on his website, to collect Bitcoin by playing games, the players simply click on the "Read" button on the main screen of the Palial Application. Then they can use the phone's camera to enter the virtual world and the metaphor and collect various game elements that are scattered around them. Games that can collect Bitcoin in the Palial Application are still being beta test and can only be accessed by a handful of users.

    The plan is that the game can be played by all users of the fold request in 2022, as follows Kompastekno from 91Mobiles, Tuesday, 30/11/2021). Blocking technology, Bitcoin, and non-fungible chips (NFT) have recently become increasingly invaded by game developers. In addition to unknown and unknown play developers such as Ubisoft, Electronic Arts (EA), Square Enix, and SEGA also stated that various blocking technologies would be on demand in the game industry in the future.

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