How to secure your cellphone camera so people don't hack it?

 How to secure your cellphone camera so people don't hack it


How to secure your cellphone camera

Nuansatech - Have you ever heard that hackers can hack your cellphone's camera? Fortunately, it is possible to protect themselves from irresponsible hackers who abuse their abilities. If you are worried and aware that there is the potential for your cellphone's camera for hacking, try doing the following steps to secure your cellphone, as reported by the first digit:


1. Key

If your cellphone doesn't lock you automatically, make sure you set it to need a passcode (strong), fingerprints, or face recognition to unlock. This might seem a little uncomfortable but it's not worth the risk if you pass this step.


2. Continue to update

Always notice that it is mandatory to update the operating system and telephone software regularly. So every time the notification appears, install it immediately or set your cellphone to install all updates automatically.


3. Never use public wifi

Public wifi is truly illegal. Wherever it is, because when you connect you to open a vulnerability to your mobile. If you have to use public WiFi, first enter the VPN that pops up the network through an encrypted communication. In addition, you are advised to turn off the automatic features and Bluetooth at all and just turn on when you need it.


4. Only a safe application

Only download the application from the official Platform (Apple App Store and Google Play Store). Never download the application sent to you through the text. Also, don't jailbreak / root your cellphone or use that has been jailbreak before.


Oh, yes, some applications by default have access to the camera. Check the settings of each application to ensure the camera access is turned off. When you do this, unplug other permissions that are not needed by default 'on' when downloading.

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