Instagram tried the music feature in the bait post

 Instagram tried the music feature in the bait post


Since 2018, Instagram has released a feature of a music sticker that allows users to add songs to posts on Instagram stories. Two years later, in 2020, Instagram also released a roll, where users can upload a short 1 minute video complete with musical accompaniment from the Instagram database. After present at IG Stories and Reels, Instagram seems to plan to expand music features to upload feedback.


According to a report by one Instagram user with the handle of @ladyroxpop, Instagram is currently testing the features "Add music" or add music to feeding posts.


In the image included by @ladyroxpop, the "Add Music" feature in the bait post will be available on the final page when the user usually writes text, tags (tags) other users, or enter the place name. Users can add music to their feed posts by clicking the "Add Music" feature under the "Add Location" column.


When the "Add Music" feature is clicked, the user will be taken to the Instagram music database window to search and select the desired song.


Only when adding songs in rolls or through music stickers in the IG story, users can also adjust the verses of the song they want to use in the bait post.


This is not determined how many seconds of music can be included in the bait post. However, the video uploaded through the feed itself has a maximum duration of 60 seconds or 1 minute. After the music is selected, users can upload bait posts as usual.


Instagram allows users to click on whatever song titles used in scroll posts. When the song is opened, users can see all roll creations made using songs. Then, after the feed using the music feature will also appear in the special "photo" tab, next to the "Roll" tab.


Instagram is said to only test the "Add Music" feature to post feedback to several Instagram users in a number of regions, one of which is India, as compiled by Kompastekno from the developer Xda on Friday (11/27/2021). It is not yet known when this feature will be launched by Instagram to all users.

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