Is this first gadget of Apple's foldable screen?

 Is this first gadget of Apple's foldable screen?

                      Apple folding phone prototype illustration. (techno compass)

The cellphone with a folding flexible screen is now a trend in the smartphone industry. Some cellphone vendors such as Samsung, Huawei, and Motorola have released their respective folding telephone lines. Apple doesn't want to be left behind. Since 2020, Apple reportedly patented several telephone designs with a folding screen. Recently, Apple reportedly pocketed a patent from the USPTO office (USPTO) on November 16, 2021. Instead of smartphones, Apple patented folding devices that look like iPad tablets. The device is said to be solved by the scheme like closing the book.

     Referring to Apple patents submitted since February 2020, Apple's latest folding device design consists of two separate main screen but United use internal hinges. This concept is said to be similar to the Microsoft Surface Neo device. In its open situation, folding devices such as iPad are reported to provide three use modes.

     The first is independent mode, where users can use two screens to access two different things simultaneously.

     Second, there is a "shared mode" mode. This mode allows users to use this folding device like a tablet. As a result, the image and all files opened during the shared operating mode will be displayed in the full screen version (two screens). The first or second mode is available when the device is stretched, as shown in the Apple patent design image published by Apple patents, below. This folding device design can also be used in the third mode, which is like a notebook

     Because it is equipped with two separate screens, when in notebook mode, one side of the screen will act as the main screen. While the other side of the screen will act as a virtual keyboard. Unfortunately, a company based in Cupertino, the United States itself is still silent about the existence of the iPhone / iPad design with a folding screen. Since 2016 before this folding device design was published, various leaky images and different patent documents circulated on the internet. Rumors about the existence of the first folding device made by Apple actually appeared since 2016. However, until now Apple has not released a single folding screen device. At the beginning of 2021, rumors about the existence of Apple's first folding device reappeared. Jon Proser, a YouTuber who often leaks Apple products accurately, has mentioned that Apple is preparing a folded cellphone and "iPhone Fold".

     The foldable iPhone is said to have a shape similar to the Android Galaxy Z Flip Folding Phone made by Samsung.

     According to the Pocket-Lint media outlet to report, the folded iPhone will have a 7.5-8 inch screen and will be launched in 2023. However, the existence of this foldable iPhone is still a mystery, because there is no confirmation of any apple.

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