Latest technology Sony Patent Playstation Controller design for HP

 Design Sony Patent Playstation Controller for HP

Playstation 5
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The Sony Patented Controller Design Playstation which seems to be intended for cellular devices such as cellphones or cellphones. This patent was released by the Japanese division of Sony Interactive Entertainment.

From the design scheme in a patent, it can be seen that the controller whose design is more similar to a dualshock controller used in Playstation 4, rather than a dual sense controller in Playstation 5, as quoted from video-game Chronicles, Tuesday (30/11/2021).

The control section on both sides is separated by a fairly long empty space. If in the middle of a dualshock controller there is a touch screen, in this design scheme that is replaced with an empty part that can be used to enter the cellphone.

In the Sony description said this controller has a handle section on the left and right that gamers can be used to position their hands. There are also axle parts that can be tilted and detect the direction and the number of slope portion parts.

Actually, the current PS4 and PS5 controllers can be connected to other cellphones or cellular devices using Bluetooth. But this patent shows that the Sony's New Controller will have a gamepad design that is integrated with Razer Kishi-style phones.

Sony's decision to patent the special controller for cellular devices is not too surprising. Not long ago Sony's plan to develop into the world of mobile games was revealed after they opened vacancies for the position of the cellphone head.

Not only that, President Sie Jim Ryan also said some iconic matches made by Sony would be taken to the cellular realm of the current year ended March 2022.

"PlayStation has a large and diverse IP catalog that can transition to smartphone games and complete our AAA games or game-direct services," Ryan said in May.

"We explored the mobile market with some great PlayStation franchises, so stay here for other news."

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