Mediedk Dimension 9000 is the first world processor of 4NM, featuring CPU Arm V9 hearts

Mediedk Dimension 9000 is the first world processor of 4NM, featuring CPU Arm V9 hearts


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After exceeding the summary in the budget, mid-range chipset segment and the upper range and at the top of the smartphone chipset, MediaTek aims to beat Qualcomm in the flagship smartphone space. MediaTek announced the 9000 mobile dimensioning processor that is much more powerful than the current offers of the company. He will go against the Qualcomm Snapdragon 898 and Samsung Exynos 2200. Mediatek got an incredible feat by announcing the global chipset to manufacture on the manufacturing process of 4 nm. It is built on the TSMC 4nm process (Taiwan Semiconductor Company Company) and brings some incremental improvements to heating and speeds, due to the largest number of transistors compared to the Samsung 5nm process.

Dimensioning of MediaTek 9000 Specifications, Features

The MEDIEK 9000 dimension Features New V9 CPU V9 Cor: Core Cortex-X2 Arm Cortex-X2 CPU AT 3.05 GHz, Three hearts Cortex-A710 Arm Cortex-A710 to 2.85 GHz and four cores Cortex-A510 CPU cores-CPU at 1.8 GHz. MediaTek claims that the core of the X2 arm gets an increase of 35% speed and an improved efficiency of 37% on the Cortex-X1 core of the CPU discovered in the Exynos 2100 and the Snapdragon 888. The three super-cores are also The newest arms available and we finally see the new Cortex-A510 CPU Core efficiency, which replace the A55 A55 processor cores. The dimension 9000 has 8 MB of Cache L3 and 6 MB of system level (SLC) compared to the 4 MB of L3 and 3 MB cache of SLC on the Snapdragon 888.

Talking about graphics, dimensioning 9000 is armed with a Mali-G710 GPU in the kernel arm. MediaTek is up with its performance, affirming about 35% performance performance while 60% more energy efficient than the Snapdragon Adrenro GPU 888. MediaTek has even shown a slide that has shown the GPU dimensioning 9 000 interpreting slightly better That Apple's A15 bionic chipset, which is the best in the world in smartphone graphics performance.

Processor brackets are displayed with a maximum refresh rate of 180Hz at Full HD + resolution and a 144Hz refresh rate at QHD + resolution. The chipset gets a hexa-core APU (accelerated processing unit) with four performances and two hearts of efficiency, promising up to 4x performances on the previous generation.


The triple ISP triple-isp (Image Processor) Dimensioning 9000 design gives the possibility to simultaneously capture the 4K HDR video on three cameras simultaneously. It can also handle three 32MP cameras and is the world's leading provider of the world capable of drawing still images of 320MP. The processor supports Sub-6GHz and MMWave 5G, Bluetooth 5.3, Wi-Fi 6e and USB USB ports.

Since the 9000 dimensional core group is based on the V9 architecture of the BRM, which uses 64-bit computing, older 32-bit architecture applications will not work on this processor.

When do the smartphones with MediaTek size 9000 Processor get launched?

Expect new flagship smartphones powered by Mediatek's dimensioning 9000 SOC to launch through the first quarter of 2022. It is reported that all major Android smartphone manufacturers, including Asus, OnePlus, OPPO, Realme, Samsung, Vivo and Xiaomi Testing the dimensioning processor 9000. A mysterious vivo device, powered by the dimensioning processor 9000, marked 10,02.220 points on the Antutukark, which is the highest by an Android-powered smartphone to date.

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