Nokia said to work in four new phones, making it leaked before the official announcement


Nokia said to work in four new phones, making it leaked before the official announcement

                      Photo Credit : Twitter / @evleak 

The recipient of the Global Nokia HMD brand license was reported to be preparing to launch a group of new smartphones. Renders who looked official from the four new Nokia handsets that were announced online had leaked online, showing designs and several specifications. Images also suggest camera module design too. Details about cellphone names are not known at this time. The Nokia phones are rumored to be marked by the name of the N151DL, N150DL, N1530DL, and N152DL. Based on rendering, the Nokia N152DL seems to be the most premium offer between the four new smartphones.

The new Nokia telephone rendering is shared by Tipster EV (@Evleaks) which is known. As mentioned, the handset is represented by the name of their model - N151DL, N150DL, N1530DL, and N152DL.

Nokia N150DL looks to have a water style notch screen to accommodate a selfie camera, black rear panel, and 3.5mm audio jack. Render shows the rear camera module too.

Render Nokia phones with N150DL model numbers show little change in design. The leak shows the speed of water style notch and the rear camera rear camera unit, along with a flash LED, looks set in the upper right corner. Further rendering shows the fingerprint sensor installed on the side, 3.5mm headphone jack, and one microphone at the top of the handset. Type-C USB port, microphone, and loudspeaker look at the bottom of the phone.

Render N1530DL shows a design similar to the Nokia C1 edition 2, with a camera module placed centered on the back. This might come as an entry-level cellphone because there is only one camera.

Nokia N152DL is probably the most premium offer of four phones. This handset looks having a metal frame and displays the notch display water style, fingerprint reader, and the Google Assistant button. Nokia phones intended tend to display three rear cameras too.

Until now, Nokia has not confirmed the development of a new model with the N1-model number scheme. So, this information must be considered with a little salt.

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