10 Best Smartwatches with Built in ECG Sensors [2022]

Undoubtedly, with the help of technology, everything is now easier. Nowadays, people cannot live without the use of modern technology, especially smartphones, laptops, and smartwatches. These have taken a strong place in one’s life. And why not? These gadgets and the use of technology reduce the cost and save the time of people.

From a medical point of view, technology has taken a great place. This can help many individuals to get treatment on time and save their lives. The invention of smartwatches with ECG is taking the technology to the next level. Today, many smartwatch makers have opted for this technology and come up with smarter wearable gadgets that make individuals more fit.

Earlier you need a doctor for knowing about your heart rate, pulse rate, and more. But now you just need an ECG smartwatch. These smartwatches monitor every heartbeat of yours. So, you can analyze how fit you are inside every day.

Now, maybe you are thinking do these ECG smartwatches really worth buying? Are they give genuine readings? So, before processing further let us find out how these smartwatches monitor heart rate. How do ECG Smartwatches work?

Probably you shocked to know, out of four people, one is suffering from heart disease. Therefore, such smartwatches are designed to analyze the irregular heartbeats (Afib) which are hard to know, but these smart gadgets can help you. If anybody sees irregular heartbeats reading in his/her smartwatch, they need to seek the immediate assistance of a doctor. How ECG Smartwatches works

ECG monitoring is a new feature launched by the wearable world to let the individual know about the state of health in the current time. A number of brands are now opting for ECG features to make their brand super-fast and convenient and most of these watches are also FDA approved.

Generally, all brands use the same technology of heart rate monitors or sensors such as PPG and LED that easily detect the blood flow and produce heart rate data.

So, you can say that it will work as an alarm in your life. And this is a must-buy product for anyone especially those who have faced a past medical history with heart.10 Best ECG Supported Smartwatches [2022]

We have researched and listed down the 10 best ECG/EKG Sensor-supported smartwatches that are available in the market. Image

ProductKey FeaturesView on Amazon

Apple Watch Series 7ECGLoud SpeakerLarger Display

Cronovo watchMedical watchAccurate EKG Water resistant

Fitbit SensePremium designECG AppSkin temp sensor

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2Sleek designTouch bezelSkin temp sensor

Withings Move ECG watchMedical watchAnalog watch with ecg1 yr battery life

Asus Vivowatch SPWater Resistant ECG and PPG sensorsLong battery life

Samsung Galaxy 3 Rotating bezelECG/EKGBP Monitor

Colmi P8 SmartwatchCheapest watchAttractive design

Apple Watch Series 5Premium watch Accurate ECGApp support

Verge 2 Budget watch24*7 heart rate monitoringLTE Option

Below you can find a detailed review of each smartwatch. We have also covered the pros and cons of such ECG-supported smartwatches.1. Apple Watch Series 7

No watch list can be completed without including the Apple watch. When it comes to technology, Apple is one of the finest and leading brands that give unique and outstanding quality to make the user’s experience the best as much as possible. If we choose the best ECG smartwatch in 2022 then the apple watch 7 will be our best pick.

The ECG app is FDA-approved, but any concerning results should still be addressed with your doctor

You guys must be thinking that when Apple Watch 4, 5, and 6 also have the same ECG sensor, then why should we go for the Watch 7 only?

The Apple Watch 7 has the largest display amongst its peers, so it will be very easy to read the ECG graph details directly on your watch. The best thing about this watch is that it has an always-on retina display; you don’t need to raise your wrist, again and again, to see the time or ECG data, because the display is always on.

Its ECG monitoring feature easily detects atrial fibrillation and looks at abnormal heart rates, which shows the signs of blood clotting, heart attack, and fatal.

Key features:Large DisplayFastest Apple S7 processorFall detection featureWater-resistantWi-Fi connectivity

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Pros:- In built Microphone and Speakers Accurate ECG Cellular Connectivity and accurate GPS Ability to Send and Receive Calls

Cons:- High PriceLess color option2. CronovoCronovo ECG equipped Smartwatch

Cronovo is one of the largest brands in the tech world with 100% Satisfied customers. The Cronovo provides you three outstanding tech features fitness tracker, smartwatch, and health device in one single device. This waterproof smartwatch track EKG, heart rate, and provide complete information on the current heart health. If you love to wear something unique then you must add this cool gadget.

Key features:Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivityMicrophoneGive alerts on healthAndroid OS

Pros:- Perfect watch for ECG monitoring Oxygen level tracking 3 days of battery life

Cons:- A fitness smartwatch with limited features No always-on display feature3. Samsung Galaxy Watch 4Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

Samsung is the leading brand in smartwatch making. Galaxy watch 4 is the latest smartwatch the company. This smartwatch comes with many health related features thanks to its BioActive Sensor. You can even measure the full body composition in galaxy watch 4 by just using two fingers for 15 seconds on this watch.

This watch has inbuilt Electrical Heart Sensor for measuring ECG. You can also check and record your ECG data in this watch. To record an ECG with Galaxy Watch 4, you’ll need to download the Samsung Health Monitor app. Its BioActive Sensor measures the ECG and blood pressure in real time. Good thing about this watch is that it runs on WearOS not on the Tizen, so you can enjoy all the feature of the wearOS features in this amazing smartwatch.

Pros:- Full Body composition check-up sensor WearOS Lightweight

Cons:- Costly BP Monitor not supporting in many countries. 4. Fitbit SenseFitbit Sense

Fitbit sense is the first-ever smartwatch by Fitbit to get ECG support. This smartwatch has an FDA-cleared electrocardiogram. This light weight smartwatch is made for men as well as women.

It has plenty of sensor for tracking your day to day life. It support pulse oximeter, sleep tracking, pedometer etc. It also has a unique feature On-Wrist Skin Temperature Sensor, that will check your temp time to time.

Fitbit Sense support the always on display mode. The battery life of this watch is around a week after a single charge. Overall this smartwatch is good choice for healthy oriented persons.

Pros:- ECG/EKG Support Temperature sensor Google assistant support Swim proof smartwatch

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