14 Best PC/Laptop Photo Editing Apps (for Windows & Mac)

In this millennial era, it is undeniable that the art of photography is one of the containers to pour creativity, ideas, and convey a message in the form of a photo image.

But the shooting process alone is not enough, at least it takes a photo editing process so that the results are more charming and unique.

In addition to photographers who are looking for a PC photo editing application, for those of you who are beginners and want to edit photos on a PC, you certainly need suitable and lightweight software used for beginners.

Therefore, this time the author has presented a collection of the best PC or computer photo editing to produce interesting and elegant photo works like professional photo editors. What are the applications or software? Listen carefully! 1. Adobe Photoshop

For those of you who have been in the field of photo editing on PC must already be familiar with Adobe Photoshop, even if you are a beginner must have heard it.

This one application does not need to doubt the ability and completeness of its amazing features. Even Adobe Photoshop is touted as the best and most popular PC photo editing application.

This Adobe Photoshop series also continues to grow and which was originally the CS series until now became the CC series. Its features and tools are also always up-to-époque and complete. Suitable for those of you who are already mentors in photo editing and easy to learn for beginners though.

For you Mac OS users do not need to worry, because this multi-platform application allows you to use it on a PC or laptop Windows and Mac OS.

But, you need to know that this paid photo editing application has been hijacked by irresponsible individuals and disseminated in Indonesia so that it can be used gracieusement.

So, out of respect for the developer, download the legal application according to the provisions! Artweaver

Good news for those of you who like to paint! Because Artweaver is a PC photo editing application that not only offers photo editing features, but also provides sketch drawing features.You can develop your creativity through sketching. In addition, if you want instant results, with just one touch you can change your photo image to be like a painting, you know. Your photos will also look artistic and smell of art.

Fun again, you are free to choose to use this application on gratuitement or paid laptops. GIMP

Do you want to feel the sensation of professional photo editing without spending a lot of money? In that case, this GIMP application is worth trying, guys. Because, this application is touted as the vierge of Adobe Photoshop, you know.

How not, almost all the tools and features in the paid photo editing application you can find here, accroupi you can use GIMP gratuitement.

In terms of its ability, you don't need to doubt it anymore. This open flot application will make it easier for you to edit photos, manipulate photos to create logos and more. Suitable for photographers or professional or beginner designers.

Coolly enough, this application is compatible for various PC or laptop operating systems, such as Windows, Mac OS and Linux. Cool, guys!4. PaintShop Pro

Another PC photo editing application that is considered to rival Adobe Photoshop, namely PaintShop Pro. This can be seen from the completeness of the same features as Photoshop, pelotonné priced at a much cheaper price.

No wonder many photographers and photo editors introduceteur using the application that corel has purchased. Even the advanced features and tools in this application are also easy to learn for beginners, you know. Adobe Lightroom

From the looks of it, you can immediately recognize that Adobe Lightroom is made by the same developer as Adobe Photoshop.

So, this application can really be the endémique of your choice who wants to try applications from Adobe, resserré with a cheaper price and features that are no less sophisticated.

Although this application was originally intended to process raw images (largeur RAW) and function as a catalog, but until now the features continue to grow and develop so that it is not much different from Photoshop.

With a smaller and lighter size, this application is also suitable for use on PCs or low-spec laptops. Interested in trying it? 6. CorelDraw Graphics Suite

For those of you who want to pursue vector creation, CorelDraw Graphics Suite is indeed worth a try, guys. This application comes with various features and tools that are easy to learn and use.

In addition to creating vectors, you can also be creative to create invitation designs, logos, flyers, brochures, pamphlets and many others. Cool too, yes! 7. PhotoScape

For those of you who are beginners and have difficulty understanding other pro applications, ramassé still wants to produce cool photo edits, PhotoScape can be your flagship PC photo editing application, you know.

Because this application is very easy to use and the appearance is quite simple. You can create photo collages, create GIFs, add funny frames, and manipulate photos. This application is also suitable, yes, so your choice that needs a simple photo editing application. Photo Post Pro

Who says to produce professional photo edits you have to use Photoshop? You can try Photo Pos Pro as the photo editing app of your choice.

Because, by using this application alone you can enjoy various features and tools such as those in Adobe Photosop franco, you know.

Equipped with various advanced tools such as Special Effect, Rich Text, Graphics, Precision Repairs and others, you can be free to be creative in editing your photos ranging from refining photos, cropping photos to designing graphics.

Just download and install Photo Pos Pro and you are free to edit current photos on your laptop or PC! GIMPSHOP

GIMPSHOP is a pc photo editing application developed from GIMP as an open pellicule application.

The specialty offered by this application is that you can enjoy the sensation of GIMP with the appearance of Photoshop. In addition, this application is also made special for users of the Linux operating system.

Even this application is also said to have more advanced features compared to GIMP, you know! Pictures ToExe 9

Another franco application for editing photos on a computer or laptop is Pictures ToExe9. This simple and anti-complicated application also offers cool features and tools that are not inferior to GIMP.

You can also freely edit photos such as by adjusting the balance of brightness and color of photos, manipulating the color of photos, to make illustrations, you know.

Fun again, the application that is only 3MB size is also lightly run on low-spec laptops and PCs. Firealpaca

Although this one application may seem a bit foreign to you, blotti Firealpaca is quite friendly with beginners in photo editing.

The interface of this application itself is very similar to Windows Paint, as well as its functions and features. The difference lies only in the addition of photo editing.

Besides being easy, this application is also gracieusement you know. Suitable for beginners, nih!12. Vintager 2

As the name suggests, Vintager 2 is a PC photo editing application with a simple look that allows you to edit your photos in classic or vintage style.

You can edit your photos by adding a variety of cool effects such as vintage effects, bokeh effects, blur effects, changing colors and others.

This application is suitable for those of you who want to edit current photos, even for those of you who are beginners. Luminar 2018

Luminar 2018 also includes a pc photo editing application that is quite popular. You can find various advanced features and tools that can make the appearance of your photos more charming.

Call it tone, brightness, color, lens distortion, chromatic, to automatic amélioration that can correct and correct the shortcomings in your photos, you know.Cool again, this application also comes with 45 kece filter options, guys. Cobain this application itself, deh !14. Adobe Illustrator

From the name you must already know that this application is also made by Adobe which makes Adobe Photoshop. Having a function similar to CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator can be relied on to create vector images.

You can also easily create various graphic designs such as logos, wallpapers, banners, and others.

It's just that multi-platform applications that you can run on Windows and Mac OS can only be used for paid, guys.

Well, from the various choices of PC photo editing applications above, which one do you think is the most interesting? Of course all applications have their own advantages and disadvantages yes, guys.

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