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Nowadays computers are increasingly sophisticated, and the devices are getting poly therefore you have to know the components &devices of modern computers today. Understanding Computer Components

Computer Components are dough based on various hardware components, applications and software that have the function to run personal computers and connect with each other. Therefore, personal computer devices cannot stand alone, because they synergize with each other.

Computer Component Components

Computer components have their duties and their respective functions, thus making each component can be connected and work together to make the computer work well.

Like a place to live, the personal components of the computer are always updated and always new. Because the needs of computers are increasingly diverse, and more sophisticated to meet the needs of its users.

Many things you can do using a personal computer device such as playing games, making videos, running applications such as applications on android, and performing tasks.

Are you aware that a personal computer system consists of three primary components? What are the three components? hardware, software and brainware. Each component has a different function and purpose, the operation is not the same as the other.

Hardware (Hardware)

Hardware is a computer device that can be touched and has a function to run the computer. Hardware is divided into four parts, namely device input, device output, processing device and storage device. 

Input Device

Input device is an input device, where the user is able to enter news based on this personal computer device, some form of input device: mouse, keyboard, webcam and scanner.

This device categorizes the input device because its usefulness aims to enter commands and data, various kinds of data can be entered using keybord using pressing a button & moving the cursor from the mouse.

Data must be input first and then processed as a result as an important fact for the user, therefore it is expected that the senses that function for the gate according to the outside world enter the computer system.

Processing Device (Process Device)

Processing device or process device is a useful device for processing poly data that is from the input device ( Input device ). Some examples of process devices are CPU (Central Processing Unit), mother board, RAM, ROM, Hard drive.

Output Device 

Output Device is a device that serves to produce results based on data that has been processed. Examples of these devices are monitors, printers, headphones, speakers, webcams and microphones. 

Storage Device

Storage device is a data storage device that has been in process. Storage devices are based on two types, namely internal storage and external storage.

An example based on internal storage is hard disk & SSD. While external storage for example is external hard drive, CD, DVD & flashdisk.

Software Components (Software)

This software or software is different from hardware, applications are devices that cannot be seen by the eye. The function of the application itself is very important because it serves as an implementation that runs commands that go into the hardware and that goes out to the hardware.

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Software can also be interpreted as a cluster of events formed to facilitate users, can be applications or networks that carry out commands.

Software there are still 3 types, namely system software, implementation software & additional software.

System software is the primary software that serves as a command program running the operating system. Examples of primary software are Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Linux, iOS & others.

Application software is an application that serves to run tasks or manage tasks by users. Application software has poly once the type and function, because this software is installed to the computer aims to run certain commands and this engineering application is used for data processing vehicles.

For example, the implementation software is a web browser, word office, games & others.

While additional software is software that is installed to perform specific or additional tasks while protecting the hardware. Examples such as Data recovery, Disk Defragmenter, Sceensever, Backup, and others.Brainware

Brainware is a person who operates and runs a personal computer. Brainware is a priority because your computer can't do anything if it's not run by humans. Therefore brainware is everyone involved in the use of computers.

The above explanation has been poly discusses about the three personal components of the computer, but next we will discuss more deeply each component and some examples of Hardware Components (Hardware).

Hardware is a personal component of a real computer that is directly able to be seen and touched, from the benefits of hardware devices divided into 4 categories, namely: Input Device

The input component is a useful component for receiving input in the form of data and information. Examples of input devices with explanations Mouse

A mouse is hardware or hardware that is useful for moving and pointing pointers. The mouse also serves to roll the page down, and put the direction to click by pressing the button on the mouse.

Button function in mouse left-click once to select, left-click twice to open document

Click the oldest sibling to see the opsti on the icon

Scroll button if on click will be as automatic schrol, in the browser the middle click works to close the tap.


keyboard as an input component of the device

This device is a sense that has a poly once button. Keyboard-based function is to enter letters, numbers &symbols to create data &facts. Not only that, the keyboard also has key keys with special functions such as Shift + f3 to replace the alphabet as the capital of all or large mini. 


Scanner is an error of one device that serves as a scanner tool. This tool converts manual images as digital data.Processing Device

Processing device is a sense of process on a PC that is useful for editing data. This tool is able to cook data received from the input device. This tool is useful for controlling the entire process of the computer's personal system during this process.

Examples of processing devices include Motherboard

Motherboard is the main circuit board in the personal computer that serves to process various components, and create communication lines using crucial electro components such as CPU, RAM, VGA Card dll.cx


Processors are usually referred to as using the personal brain of a computer. The processor is the processing of commands contained in the computer. Here are the constituent components:Control Unit (CU)

The function of the Control Unit is to regulate all traffic activities of data in the personal computer such as input and results. Aritmatic Logical Unit (ALU)

Aritmatic Logical Unit serves to perform mathematical operations according to instructions based on admin.

Register Unit is a data storage site that is not obsolete and has a very fast transfer speed. 

Power Supply

Power supply is a useful device to update ac current as DC and connect current to many other personal components of the computer. 

Storage Device

Storage device is a sense that serves as a place to store data for the PC. A lot of this type of data time, for example, is application data, user, text, pdf, images etc.


RAM is a storage device. RAM is an extension according to Random Access Memory which is a tool that serves for data storage ad interim & can be accessed in a row.

Random Access Memory is useful to speed up data on processes on a working Pc. Then the greater the RAM capacity on the PC, your personal computer will be more able to process many events at once.

Hard drive

Hard disk is hardware that works for storage or data space. Personal computer components The size of the hard drive is very far-qualified, currently the hard drive has many types, here are the types of hard drivesSCSI hard drive ATA/AIDE hard drive Raid hard drive SSD SATA hard drive Output Device

Output device is some of the personal components of the computer that serves to display data and news that has been managed by the user on a personal computer, Here are the types of Output Device Monitor

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