✓ 8 Ways to Clean a Secure Laptop Keyboard in Just 5 Minutes

Clean a secure laptop keyboard in just 5 minute

Cleaning a laptop keyboard is the best way to keep clean during work. An Australian study found that laptop keyboards have 400 times more bacteria than toilets.

A Chicago hospital found that Staphylococcus bacteria on laptop keyboards can last up to 3 days. Later hospitals in the Netherlands also found streptoccocus, staphylococcus, and other bacteria on the keyboard.

Therefore, you should know how to clean a laptop keyboard safely and effectively. Only 8 simple steps to clean the keyboard perfectly. Turn off the laptop

Before cleaning the laptop keyboard, turn off the laptop first to prevent short circuiting. This first ledge must be done to prevent any liquid from entering the laptop through the keyboard gap. Restart the laptop when the keyboard is not wet or there is no liquid at all. Place the Laptop in reverse position

To make it easier for you to clean the keyboard perfectly, place the laptop in an inverted position. This makes the dirt that has a keyboard can fall when cleaned. Press keyboard and pat the back of the laptop

The third way to clean the laptop keyboard is to press the keyboard key. This will help the dirt on the keyboard get out easily.

To clean up the dirt that is quite difficult on the keyboard you can pat the back of the laptop gently. Pat slowly so as not to damage your favorite laptop. Use a Brush or Brush Make Up

Clean the remaining dirt or dust between the laptop keyboards with a soft brush or makeup brush. Brush has a small and soft bristle brush so that it can reach the gap on the keyboard key. Make sure each part of the button is well brushed. Sterilization with Alcohol Swab

This one step is quite important. Cleaning a laptop keyboard with an alcohol swab can kill bacteria and viruses, which of course cannot be eradicated with a brush and vacuum cleaner. Buy Alcohol Swab at Bhinneka.6. Dry with Fan or Hair Dryer

Use a hair dryer to dry out the rest of the liquid from the alcohol swab. If you don't have one, you can use a hand fan or portable fan. Make sure all parts of the keyboard are perfectly dry. Use a Special Vacuum Cleaner Keyboard

A special vacuum cleaner keyboard has a small size. This vacuum cleaner can work with electrical power from USB or battery. This vacuum cleaner can vacuum in between the remaining keyboards during the drying process. Restart your laptop

Before restarting the laptop, make sure all parts of the keyboard are perfectly dry. Do not let there be any remaining liquid so that no short circuit occurs. If it is dry, restart your laptop.When to Clean the Laptop Keyboard?

Because the number of bacteria and viruses on the laptop keyboard is very much, of course you have to know how many times it takes to clean the laptop keyboard. According to Science Alert, many microbiologists recommend laptop keyboards be cleaned once a week.

Experts at the National Center for Health Research (NCHR) suggest laptop keyboards, particularly laptops in hospitals should be cleaned more often. In addition, users are also advised to wash their hands before and after using a laptop.

The number of bacteria on the laptop keyboard is more and more if the laptop is used by many people. However, if the laptop is only used by yourself, the number of bacteria may not be too much.

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