Comfortable! 3 Ways to Play Android Games on PC Without Emulators – Want to feel the sensation of playing Android games on PC? As is well known, to do this you need an emulator. In fact, there is a way to gant Android games on PC without emulator100-1K that can be done you know. Then, how?

Feeling the sensation of playing Android games on a PC is indeed curious. However, installing emulators is often considered complicated and time consuming. Especially if the specifications of the laptop or PC used are inadequate. Can I Play Android Games Without Emulators?

The use of emulators to play Android games on PC is indeed considered burdensome. Especially for laptops or PCs with less qualified specifications. Your laptop/PC may be working too hard when operating the emulator.

Even the device will feel slow when opening the emulator only. One of the causes could be because the system on the emulator is different from the one on your PC. No wonder if the laptop / PC becomes more sluggish even experiencing lag to boot several times.

If this has happened, surely the use of emulators becomes too burdensome. Moreover, the size of cluse emulators that are known to be quite large. It's a good idea to avoid installing emulators if your storage space is mediocre.

However, still playing Android games on PC makes you curious, right? No need to worry, there is a right solution that can be done. You can take advantage of extensions or plugins that are already available for free in Chrome.

Then, what Chrome extensions can be used to play Android games on PC? Here's one of them. How to Play Android Games on PC Without Emulator100-1K

The use of Chrome extensions to play Android games on PC is not something foreign anymore. Many have tried it and it has proven to work. You can try the easiest extension to use below as a solution. Arc Welder

Arc Welder is one of the chrome extensions that can be used. You can play fun Android games on PC with this extension. As for the steps that can be done, namely as follows:Open the Google Chrome browser on your PC/laptop.In the Google search field, type "Arc Welder".Go to the Chrome Arc Welder extension installation page.Wait until the installation process is complete.After that, select Add to Chrome. Continue by selecting the LAUNCHER APP option. Select ARC WELDER. Click Add your apk to add a game app. If you don't already have one, please download various Android franco games on Google.

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Phoenix OS is also one of the Chrome extensions that can be chosen to play Android games on PC / laptop. Its use is quite easy and has been tried by many game lovers. Instead of being curious, follow the following steps to install it:Download the Phoenix OS for Windows extension. Select défilé in the form of Exe Installer which is intended for Windows OS.After that, do the installation by choosing the storage location as needed.Determine the size of the memory used, make sure the amount is at least 2 GB.If it's installed successfully, click Reboot Now.In this process, automatically the laptop / PC will boot into the Phoenix OS extension.Congratulations, you have started to be able to download various Android games to play on PC / laptop.3. Bluestacks

The next Chrome extension that can be used to play Android games on PC is Bluestacks. This extension is already quite popular due to its easy use. So, you can play a lot of fun Android games on PC. Here are the easy steps:Download the Bluestacks extension available on Google.We recommend choosing Bluestacks 4 which is known to be quite fast even in low specification devices.If you already have a Google account, you can sign in right away. If not, please create a Google account first to install this extension.Next, please download a variety of exciting Android games. No need to worry, many Franco Android games that can be obtained easily on Google.

How to manicle Android games on PC without emulator100-1k can indeed be the right choice for those who do not want to be complicated. There is no need to force using an emulator if the specifications of the PC / laptop used are low. So, the solution is to choose the right Chrome extension and easy to install.

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