Dangerous Bug " Log4Shell" Threaten Millions of Servers and Applications Worldwide - VNExplorer

Dangerous Bug " Log4Shell" Threaten Millions of Servers and Applications Worldwide - VNExplorer

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Nuansatech.com – A malicious security flaw called "Log4Shell", codenamed CVE-2021-44228, was later identified by cybersecurity experts. This bug has the potential to make many parties restless.

Because, this bug can be exploited easily by irresponsible parties, one of which is like hackers (hackers) to break into a server or application using only a number of codes.

If it has been broken into, then hackers can automatically do anything, including stealing various user data and embedding various malicious programs (malware) that can present other adverse effects. So, what exactly is Log4Shell?

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Similar to the name, this security flaw is found in the software registrar of application activity history or platform (logging utility) based on open source, aka free belonging to apache software foundation dubbed "Log4J".

The presence of Log4J software itself is useful to find out and trace an error (error) on a server or application.

The damage can be seen based on the operational history or running of the application or server. When there is a malfunction, for example, then Log4J will record the incident, so that it can be used as a reference for future improvements.

According to a number of security researchers, Log4J software itself is widely used by various servers or applications connected to the internet, one of which is Minecraft, the game that first announced there was a Log4Shell security flaw.

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In the game, hackers can send a number of malicious code easily only through the chat feature to attack the target's computer.

Because the essence of Log4J will record all conversations or activities on a server or application, the code sent by the hacker will also be recorded, so that hackers can break into the server and break into it.

Similar methods can also be done by hackers in various applications or other servers that rely on Log4J.

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In addition to Minecraft, security researcher from malwaretech.com, Marcus Hutchins claims that many servers and applications rely on Log4J, including iCloud servers and the popular game distribution platorm Steam.

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"Overall, there are millions of apps that use Log4J for logging purposes, and all hackers need is some unique code to exploit the Log4Shell security flaw," Marcus said in a Twitter post with the handle @MalwareTechBlog.

Because many are affected and the effects are quite dangerous, some security researchers consider Log4Shell to be the worst security gap in recent years.

"Log4Shell has been a very dangerous security flaw for the past decade," said a researcher from cybersecurity firm Tenable.

Because of the danger, Log4 provider, the Apache Software Foundation provides a value of 10, aka the highest value of the scale of 0-10 for the security impact that Log4Shell can cause.

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As summarized by Nuansatech from TheVerge, Monday (12/13/2021), the Apache Software Foundation itself has presented an update to the logging software, two weeks after the first case was reported on November 24.

However, because Log4J is used and may be modified by many servers and applications, this Log4Shell bug patch must be applied independently by the party using Log4J.

Some apps that use Log4J, including Minecraft, have already rolled out updates. However, it is said that there are still many application providers connected to the internet that have not implemented improvements.

It is not yet known what direct impact the Log4Shell bug has on users, as well as internet companies that focus on the users themselves.

The effects and damage caused by the bug have not yet been announced by security researchers and other relevant parties. We'll just look forward to it.Asia's Tech News DailyAutosUniverseTechnologySecurityBig TechDataDeep TechEnergyFintechInternetIndiaChina

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