Facebook and Instagram release Spotify Wrapped-like features

Facebook and Instagram release Spotify Wrapped-like features

Facebook and instagram release Spotify Wrapped like features

Nuansatech.com  – The flashback feature of user activity in the Spotify app throughout the year, aka Spotify Wrapped seems to inspire some platforms to bring similar features.

After YouTube Music, it is now the turn of Facebook and Instagram to present a feature similar to "Year in Review".

In the Facebook app, users will be able to see the "Year Together" column, where Facebook will summarize a number of things or user activity on the platform, which is considered important by Facebook, throughout 2021.

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TechCrunch Illustration features Year Together.

This Year Together column will be visible in timeline or feed view. Users can choose to share these precious moments by clicking the "share" button.

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A similar feature is also present on Instagram under the name "2021 Playback". Instagram 2021 Playback feature was announced by a Meta employee named Alexandru Voica in a Twitter post.Launching today on @instagram, Playback is a way for people to use their Stories to look back at 2021 and celebrate, just before the new year.

By leveraging Stories Archive, you can customize and select up to ten stories to share with your community. pic.twitter.com/IrREQ0Xa9i— Alexandru Voica (alexvoica.eth) ???? (@alexvoica) December 9, 2021

Instagram 2021 Playback will be found by users in the main view of their Instagram Feed timeline. There, users will be able to see a kind of display accompanied by a "View Playback" button, as illustrated by the following image.

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TechCrunch Illustration of 2021 Playback feature on Instagram.

If the button is clicked, then Instagram will select and summarize a number of Instagram Stories posts belonging to users that they find interesting.

However, users can also choose their own moments that reflect their 2021 years to be used as flashbacks, at least up to 10 Instagram Stories posts.

After that, users can share their version of Instagram flashbacks to other users. This summary of user moments throughout the year reminds us of the trend of uploading nine Instagram photos with the most likes (top nine) aka "Best Nine".

It should be noted, the 2021 Playback feature on Instagram can only be accessed if the user has uploaded at least three Instagram Stories posts throughout 2021, and activates the stories archive feature or story archive.

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As summarized by TechCrunch, Friday (10/12/2021), the Facebook Year Together and Instagram "2021Playback" features have been launched by Facebook and Instagram starting today and will be accessible over the next few weeks.

From Nuansatech monitoring, some Instagram users in Indonesia have found the "2021 Playback" feature on their Instagram homepage.

For users who have not been able to find both features seem to have to be patient a little. Because, features like this are usually spread by Facebook and Instagram gradually.

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