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Tiktok 2021 –after its launch, TikTok became one of the largest social media with millions of users worldwide. There is a variety of content that is shared every day. One of the games that have attracted a lot of attention lately is the patience game that viral Tiktok Now 2021.

Although a lot of game content is scattered on TikTok, some of it steals the show. One of them is a game of patience that makes the audience very interested in playing it. If you are still confused about what this game is, here we give recommendations.

Viral Patience Games on TikTok

There are actually various patience testing games generated by the content on TikTok. But perhaps the most interesting game is idle gaming. This game often appears on fyp these days, especially for TikTok users who follow many light gaming accounts.

Letoy's game name is not actually the real name of this game. So called because the characters in the game are so lethargic as having no energy so it is difficult to move let alone walk. But that's what makes Letoy's game look "fun" and fun to play.

But, what exactly is Letoy's game? How to download and play it. Instead of being confused and second-guessing, here we will provide complete information about Letoy's patience test game that is rife on TikTok at this time.

What is the real name of Letoy Tiktok?

Letoy we mean a game called Fail Run. Failed to play coupole mobile game that can be played for free Android. Fail Run you can download from the Play Store. It already has a foundation failed to operate a great player. The Play Store has been downloaded 5 million times.

The concept of this game is very simple. Similar to Larry Tanba Last Titabi There Is Fenech Line. You have to control a human-like character and go to the finish line. However, the challenge is that the character cannot behave prescritically. All parts of his body looked weak and helpless.

In addition to the body that looks letoy, there will be many obstacles to reach the finish line. The higher the level you play, the higher the difficulty level of the game.

It was developed by the Voodoo developer team failed to play. Last got in April 2021 last update.

How to Download Letoy Fail Run Game

As one of the most popular patience games on Tiktok now 2021, there are definitely many TikTok users who want to play Fail Run for a fad. So, here we will show you how to download Fail Run franco.

1. Open the Play Store App on your PHONE

2. Click the search field at the top of the screen

3. Write "Fail Run" in search of Games

4. Or you can also directly click the following link:éparation/apps/details?id=com.benjamind.failrun

5.Click the game to go to the Fail Run game page

6. Click "Install" to start downloading and directly install the Fail Run game on your smartphone

7. Wait for the installation process to complete. This process will take a few seconds depending on your internet speed.

8. After successfully downloading, click play to start the Fail Run game.

How to Download Fail Run on iPhone

In addition to Android, you can also play Fail Run on your iPhone. Because Voodoo as the developer of Fail Run has released the game on these two most popular platforms. For those who use the iPhone, here's how to download it.

1. Open the App Store app on your iPhone

2. Click the search field to start searching for games

3. Type the name "Fail Run"

4. After that will appear a list of games that match the keywords you entered. Click on the Fail Run game that should be in the top row

5. Next, you will go to the game download page. Here, click the GET button to start downloading and installing

6. Wait for the download process to finish

7. When you're done, you can already play the Fail Run game from the App Store or directly from the list of apps on your iPhone.

In general, this method is almost the same as downloading with the Android operating system. It's just that, here you have to download it from the App Store.

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