Here's How to Increase Battery Life in Windows 11

Here's How to Increase Battery Life in Windows 11

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Do you feel a decrease in battery performance after updating Windows 11? This is also experienced by some users of the latest operating system made by Microsoft. This is actually understandable considering that the Windows 11 operating system is still relatively new and began to be launched to users last October 2021.

There are several causes of power consumption or battery life of Windows 11 is not as good as Windows 10, one of which is immature optimization. As a new operating system, there are usually still bugs and the performance is still not really optimal. This makes the battery life lower than Windows which is more mature optimization.

The second cause may be a bug that makes Windows 11 performance feel heavier, so it requires more resources to get the ideal performance. There are actually some simple tips that can be done so that the battery life of the laptop in Windows 11 can be even better.

Windows 11 should always be updated.

As a new operating system that still needs optimization and bug fixes, Microsoft continues to provide regular updates in Windows 11. The presence of these updates sometimes brings bug fixes, closing security gaps, and also performance optimization. This makes the device more optimal and efficient in working, so that battery power consumption can be more efficient.

How do I update in Windows 11? The Windows 11 operating system has automatically activated updates. To find out the update settings, users can access the Start Menu > Settings, then select Windows Update. Then click the Check Update button and wait a few moments. If there are updates available, do the download and update process. Sometimes after the update process, the laptop or PC needs a restart.

The most instant way to increase battery life in Windows 11 is to enable Battery Saver mode. When this mode is enabled, some tasks that run in the background such as email synchronization, cloud, and non-crucial servicing will be stopped. This makes the system work lighter and battery life can increase. This mode is suitable to be activated when you forget to bring a charger when working outside the home or office.

Actually this Battery Saver mode will activate automatically when the laptop battery capacity is only 20%. However, you can manually activate it when needed by clicking the battery icon in the taskbar, then clicking the battery icon on it again, and the Settings window will appear. Click the drop down menu in the Battery Saver section, then select Turn On Now to enable it.

In addition to the processor and GPU, the screen is one of the components of a laptop that consumes a lot of battery power. Lower the screen brightness to the limits of your eye's comfort to work. This in addition to making the eyes not tired quickly, also reduces battery consumption significantly.

The next step is to sleep the screen when not in use by shortening the screen waiting time to enter Sleep mode. The trick is to open the Settings menu and select System, Power & battery, and Screen and sleep. Then shorten the time it takes the screen to enter Sleep mode.

With the simple tips above, the battery life of a laptop in Windows 11 will be better and can be more efficient.

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