How to Clean Your Laptop and PC Keyboard Properly

Cleaning the laptop or computer keyboard needs to be done periodically. Without realizing it, the laptop keyboard or computer we use every day is very dirty even though it looks clean. The results showed that a laptop or computer keyboard is 20 thousand times dirtier than a toilet seat.

Of course this is very dangerous and potentially a source of disease. Our fingers come into contact with the keys on the keyboard, then our fingers touch any part of the body or food we eat.

In addition to being a source of disease, dirty and unkempt laptops also make the keyboard quickly damaged or not work properly. Keys on the keyboard can become damaged or unresponsive due to food scraps for example.

The following in this article will discuss how to clean a laptop or computer keyboard that you can do. Causes of Dirty Keyboards

Common problems with dirty laptop or computer keyboards are generally:The button feels sticky because the finger is out holding a sweet food or juice drinkA squeeze of food tucked between keyboard keysThe button becomes difficult to press or gripKeys can be pressed but unresponsive or display pressed letters

Often problems that arise due to dirty keyboards make people think the keyboard is damaged and buy a new keyboard. However, some of these problems can be easily overcome. How to Clean a Laptop Keyboard

To clean the keyboard on a laptop there are several ways that you can do. Some are very easy and simple to do, without the need for any tools. Before you start cleaning the laptop keyboard, make sure the laptop is off and not connected to a charger or power source.

Flip and Shake Your Keyboard

The easiest way to clean the remaining cracks tucked between the keyboard keys is to flip the keyboard and/or your laptop in an open position. You can wiggle the keyboard while patting the keyboard slowly so that the crack falls out of the gap of the keyboard key.

Use a Soft Brush and Water Duster

To overcome dust or residual dirt that still exists, you can use a soft brush and also water duster. Use a brush in the condition of the laptop is still held in reverse. This is to prevent dust and dirt from being tucked away or pushed back in due to a brush if it is not reversed.

If the remaining dirt or dust that is tucked away is difficult to clean with a brush or has not been pushed out, you can use water duster to push the dirt out. You can use a manual or canned water duster.

Tilt the laptop and spray the water duster onto the surface of the keyboard to push the dust and dirt that is in the gap out. Make sure you move the water duster when spraying it so that the water duster is not sprayed at 1 point only for a long time.

Use a vacuum to vacuum

Vacuum that should be used here is a mini vacuum cleaner powered by USB. You should avoid using a vaccum cleaner for household needs because the straw power is too strong. Use a usb vacuum cleaner to vacuum and dirt on the gaps of the keyboard.

Lap Keyboard with Microfiber Cloth

Next you can use a microfiber cloth to wipe and clean the keys and areas on the sides of the keyboard. Wet a little microfiber cloth and wipe evenly throughout the key area as well as the keyboard surface.

Make sure you do not wet the fabric too much because the fabric is too wet has the potential to make there are water droplets that enter the keyboard and damage the components in it so that the keyboard becomes dysfunctional.

Use Disinfectants to Clean Your Laptop

After making sure the keyboard is clean from dirt and dust, then as a final step you can also use disinfectant to keep the keyboard clean from bacteria or germs due to use.

Do not spray disinfectant directly onto the keyboard or keyboard surface. You can spray the disinfectant first on a washcloth or microfiber. After that just wipe your keyboard with a cloth or microfiber that has been sprayed with disinfectant.

You can also use alcohol disinfecting wipes or alcohol wipes to clean and wipe the keyboard to be free of germs and bacteria.

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