How to Dry a Wet Phone Quickly and Precisely

One of the most terrifying moments in the mobile phone world is when you accidentally put your phone in a washing machine along with your clothes or when your phone accidentally falls into a ditch or toilet. It is certain and no matter however surely your wet phone will cause panic.

There are several myths circulating on the internet that 'claim' to be able to remove water from wet phones. Here we advise you to do one of the tips of this method carefully, because water and cell phones are not a soul mate. It's like Tom and Jerry never getting along.

So without further ado, let's discuss the best and safest ways to dry your phone quickly and right below. How to Dry a Wet Phone Quickly and ProperlyPlace it in a rice bag

While there are some 'claims' out there that don't recommend users put a wet phone in rice because the fine powder on the rice could cause more damage to your phone, it's not entirely true guys.

Before you put your phone in rice (can use plastic containers, jars, etc.), first of all, we recommend for you to wipe the outside of the phone with a dry cloth or tissue. Oh yes, don't use too much pressure to avoid water being pushed or getting further into the phone. After the outside of the phone dries, then place your smartphone in a bag of containers containing rice, no need for rice sacks kok, 1kg is enough. If you can open the back case/backdoor and remove the battery, that's even better.

Water vapor or water that manages to seep and enter the phone will not be enough to make rice powder become mushy, it should cause damage because the rice powder that became mushy was attached to your phone.

Depending on how much water goes into the phone's components, you'll need to keep your phone in a rice container between 24 hours and a few days to make sure all the moisture is completely out of the phone. You should be patient and don't rush it before the phone is completely dry.Use Silica Gel

Using Silica Gel is one of the best ways to deal with moisture. Usually this silica gel you find in cardboard when buying a sendal or new shoes. When compared to rice, this silica gel can be a better option because it is cleaner. So if you find this silica gel bag do not throw away sob, just collect it just in case.

Well, if you have a few packs of Silica Gel that are idle, then you can immediately collect it, the better. After collecting as much as possible, then put the Silica Gel and cell phone in a container for a few days until the phone is completely dry.

If you do not have enough Silica Gel, then you can also buy Silica Gel from online stores such as Bukalapak etc. because the price is quite cheap, if not wrong 1 pack about 10,000 rupiah only.

The above is one of the easiest and fastest methods to remove water from a smartphone that is wet with water. But if you 'CAN, CAN, SURE and KNOW THE TRICK' to dismantle your phone is better because you can be more sure if the inside of the phone can be completely dry perfectly.What not to do if the phone is wet?

As we discussed earlier, there are some tricks that can eliminate the moisture of a wet phone. Here are the things you shouldn't do when trying to dry a wet phone either because of rain or entering the toilet.

1. Don't sunbathe your phone directly in the sun! It's true that the sun's heat can quickly evaporate water in the phone, but the effect of the heat will make water vapor condense and damage the LCD on your phone.

2. Do not use hot hair dryers. Using a hair dryer to remove water from the phone is not a good idea because excessive heat can damage the phone and may even push more water into the phone.

3. One of the most ridiculous tricks you can find on the internet to remove water from your phone is 'Soaking your phone with alcohol' The trick should not be tried because it is not only useless, but it can in fact cause more damage because alcohol is basically also a liquid and can damage the inside of your phone as well.

4. DO NOT try to unpack your own phone if you do not know the tricks and science! If you try to disassemble your phone with the aim to remove water vapor yourself, but do not know the tricks and science, it may even end up damaging your phone so it gets worse. There could be a cable that breaks when the procedure unpacks something wrong. For those of you who do not understand the unloading of mobile phones, you should just go down to the serviceman to be safer.

Those are tips and tricks that you can and can't do if your phone is wet because it is exposed to water. But again, the best tips and tricks are to be careful and keep your phone from getting wet or exposed to water if your phone does not have a waterproof label.

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