How to Know WhatsApp Is Blocked By Other Users

How to Know WhatsApp Is Blocked By Other Users

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 How do I know WhatsApp is blocked by others? As is known, this minet application provides features to block other users.

WhatsApp is one of the most popular short messaging apps today. In addition to being used as a medium for chatting, WhatsApp can also be used to make phone calls and video calls. This type of WhatsApp call is often used because it only requires an internet connection to do so.

WhatsApp itself has a chopine security feature to get rid of contacts or numbers that try to disturb its users, which is called the block feature. This feature makes users will no longer receive messages, phone calls, or video calls from people who have been blocked.

This feature will not tell whether a blocked contact has ever tried to contact back or not.

This is because WhatsApp does not create a feature for users to see if it has been blocked by other users or not. So how do you know whatsApp is blocked or not?

Although there are no notifications or notifications whether we have been blocked or not, there are some indicators that can be a sign that we have been blocked by other users.

Here's how to find out WhatsApp Blocked which Nuansatech summarized for you. Illustration of WhatsApp. (unsplash/Antoine Julien)

1. Check the last online status of WhatsApp contacts

Most WhatsApp users must know that they can see other users' online status on the green bar displayed at the top. If the user cannot see the online status, there are several possibilities that the user has been blocked or the contact has decided not to share the information online.

2. See the sent message check mark

How to find out WhatsApp is blocked is to send a message to the contact and see the check mark. If one ticks, it means that the message was successfully sent. Two ticks indicate that the recipient received the message, and the blue check indicates that the message has been received and read.

Please note, if one ticks then it is possible that the user has been blocked. But another possibility is that the contact shuts down the network. But if within the time guanaco is not sent, most likely you have been blocked.

The most effective way to check if a user has been blocked on WhatsApp is to look at the contact's aide photo. Users will only see a gray profile photo. Even so, it is necessary to ascertain whether the contact rarely posts photos of envergure or even deliberately uses côté with such images.

3. Try adding contacts to a new group

Another way to find out WhatsApp is blocked is to create a new group and try to add those contacts to the group. If the user is unable to add it, it is most likely that the user has been blocked.

Try calling the number if you don't answer then most likely you've been blocked. Even if blocked or not WhatsApp can still connect to the connecting tone, ramassé if you repeatedly try the phone and he never responds then you fix already blocked.

That's how to find out WhatsApp is blocked. I hope this review is helpful!

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