How to Video Call WhatsApp from a Laptop or PC

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How to Video Call WhatsApp from a Laptop or PC?

Around February 2021, WhatsApp officially launched the WhatsApp Call & video call feature for the implementation of the desktop version of WhatsApp (laptop pc or desktop). The desktop version of WhatsApp is not aligned with whatsApp web.

WhatsApp desktop version is a separate implementation that must be installed on a PC. While WhatsApp web is a WhatsApp application that is opened using a PC browser, such as Chrome, Firefox, etc.

WhatsApp desktop version can be downloaded on the official WhatsApp website, & supports 2 popular PC operating systems, namely Windows and MacOS.

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With the WhatsApp call & WhatsApp video call feature in the WhatsApp desktop application, then users no longer need to open a phone to make WhatsApp calls, for example while working using a laptop. How to Video Call WhatsApp on a laptop

Well, how do WhatsApp video call on a Laptop or PC? There are a few things you need to pay attention to, as follows. Make sure your laptop has a modern operating system (Mac/Windows). Monitor Nuansatech on the official whatsApp website, for Windows the minimum is Windows 8 or higher. While MacOS at least os X Yosemite series or higher. Make sure that the microphone and camera of the laptop can function normally. WhatsApp calls on a laptop require permission to access to the two devices. Make sure your laptop and phone are connected to the internet.

The desktop version of WhatsApp has a button to make calls that are in the top right corner of the chat column by relationship.

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To be able to start a WhatsApp video call & WhatsApp video call on a laptop, here's how to complete.Download the Desktop for Mac/Windows WhatsApp app at the following link. Install WhatsApp desktop Open WhatsApp desktop

When you first open the WhatsApp desktop application, you will be asked to scan the QR code using the camera and the implementation of WhatsApp on the phone.

Once successful, you can start trying to make a phone call or video call by selecting the intended contact. Then, you will be presented with a chat column view.

Meanwhile, the phone or video call button is located in the right corner of the top of the chat column. Then, you just have to press the button.

When doing phone milling, new ventilation will automatically arise. This window contains facts about the ongoing call.

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Also, when making a video call. In addition to loading news calls, this window also serves to manage video calls, such as receiving, rejecting, muting, and muting calls.

Although WhatsApp can now make phone calls as well as video calls on laptops, but these calls can not be done in groups (group calls).

This feature operates the same as in the WhatsApp mobile application, so calls have also been encrypted end-to-end, to ensure security.

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