Instagram Releases "Take a Break" Feature, Reminding Users to Take a Break – After being introduced and tested around the beginning of November, Instagram finally officially released a feature that allows users to take a break from the application. The feature was named "Take a Break" which in Indonesian means rest.

This was announced by The Head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri through his Instagram and Twitter accounts with the same handle, @mosseri.

In the post, he said that the Take a Break feature was also officially announced along with two other user activity support features on Instagram.

They are Parental Controls and a number of updates in the activity monitoring feature in the Instagram app, sans quoi Your Activity.

However, the Parental Controls feature is only limited to being introduced and will launch in March 2022, while some of the latest Your Activity features are still limited in the trial phase.

"I'm excited to announce that these three features are here for the Instagram community, so they feel more confident using the platform," Mosseri said.

So, what is the function of a number of features announced by Instagram?

Take a Break for a break

As the name implies and as mentioned above, the Take a Break feature allows Instagram users to take a short break from the platform.

Later, Take a Break will bring up a reminder display for rest when users are browsing their timeline.

In the display, it appears that this feature is optional. That is, users can choose to enable the Take a Break feature or not.

If you want to activate it, then users can choose the duration for a break from the application, ranging from 10 minutes to 30 minutes.

In this break duration option, users can also choose not to enable the Take a Break feature at all by selecting the "Off" option.

After choosing the duration, Instagram then advises to close the application and recommend several things, such as regulating your breath, writing down things you're thinking about, listening to favorite songs, and making a list of activities.

"Based on testing, more than 90 percent of teens still activate the Take a Break feature (after first activated)," Mosseri claimed.

Currently, the Take a Break feature itself has only been launched in several countries only including the United States, Canada, The United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand.

Mosseri said it will roll out the feature to a number of other countries gradually starting in early 2022.

Furthermore, the Parental Controls feature can be used by parents and guardians to control their children using the Instagram platform.

With this feature, they can limit their children's Instagram "play" time in one day. The duration of restrictions on Instagram usage varies, ranging from 30 minutes to 3 hours.

Once activated, the child's Instagram account will connect to the parent's Instagram. Later, parents can see how many children play Instagram that day.

Regarding Parental Controls, Mosseri also said it will develop a number of other new features that can be used by parents to facilitate the process of discussing the use of Instagram with their children.

"Parents and guardians know exactly what's best for their children. Therefore, we plan to launch our first parental monitoring features to support their children on Instagram in March."

Your Activity and other features

For your own activity updates, Instagram is focusing on features that can make it easier or more telling teens that they're using the Instagram platform with confidence.

One of the latest is that users will be able to monitor and delete all content and activities on Instagram, such as liked posts or comments that have been thrown, easily in the Your Activity window.

"I think this feature will be very relevant to teens, so they can control what information they share on Instagram, what other users can see, and make it easier for them to manage their binaire footprint on Instagram," Mosseri said.

According to Mosseri, this latest feature will launch for the first time for general users in January 2022.

In addition to the removal of activities on Instagram through the Your Activity feature, Instagram is also testing various new mechanisms or policies related to the use of the platform, especially if the user is a teenager.

Some of them are stopping the tagging feature if the Instagram user does not follow the related Instagram account, tighten the teen account so as not to appear in the Search, Explore, to through Hastags feature, and so on.

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