Intel tour TSMC in Taiwan for chips of 3nm

 Intel tour TSMC in Taiwan for chips of 3nm 

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Intel representatives are invited to visit the TSMC office in Taiwan to seek confirmation about the 3NM chip.

The certainty in question is a guarantee of the TSMC they will have enough 3NM flea production capacity to respond to Intel's orders. One of the chips that would be made with this process of 3NM is Apple's Bionic A16.

So, what Intel seems to do is make sure that TSMC can put aside the 3nm chip production capacity for Intel and not give everything to Apple. Indeed, the TSMC has recently been accused of worrying about Apple's flea production capacity.

The previous reports also stated that Apple already has all the initial production capacity for 3NM chips, which means that Intel will only receive 3 nm of chips in 2023.

With regard to the production of chips, Intel is actually different from the apple, which designs only chips but can not produce them at all. Intel has its own chip making facilities, but their technology emerges from far behind those of TSMC - and Samsung.

For this reason, in mid-December, Intel leaders left Taiwan to meet TSMC. The main agenda is to explain the number of 3nm chips required by Intel.

In addition, Apple now has its own extra chip, not just the chip of a series of iOS devices, but also the M1 chip for Mac devices, including the M1 Pro and M1 Max used in the latest generation of professionals of MacBook.

Then Apple also plans to use its own MoDem 5G and TSMC chip will produce the chip. This means that Apple depends more and more TSMC.

It is therefore not surprising that TSMC is now the largest chipmaker in the world, revenues up to $ 45.51 billion in 2020, and profits up to $ 17.6 billion. The valuation of TSMC alone reaches $ 565 billion.

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