Inventor of mobile phones – Martin Cooper

Inventor of mobile phones – Martin CooperUnderstanding mobile phonesMobile phones are currently one of the most important needs for humans. Mobile phone or mobile phone is an electronic telecommunication device that is portable or can be carried anywhere that uses a wireless or wireless telephone network, in contrast to landlines that use cables as a network.

The network used by mobile phones today is two, namely GSM (Global System for Mobile Telecommunications) and CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) system. Mobile phones or mobile phones or mobile phones are a revolution or development of ordinary phones invented by Antonio Meucci. The number of mobile phone users today exceeds the number of the world's population.

Currently mobile phone technology continues to experience rapid development, various features are implanted in mobile phones such as music players, televisions, internet, video call players, and others until many consider today's mobile phone as a mini computer.

A Brief History of Mobile Phone Discovery Regarding the invention of mobile phones, Martin Cooper was the inventor of the first mobile phone, Martin Marty Cooper was born on December 26, 1928 in Chicago, Illinois, USA, he was the leader of a team of engineers from Motorola who did develop handheld devices or mobile phones.In 1970, John F. Mitchell was the chief engineer of Motorola's portable communications project. Mitchell gave the responsibility to Martin Cooper who worked in the car phone division (Carphone) to develop mobile phones because at that time the phone could not be carried anywhere.

John Mitchell and Martin Cooper then imagined a communication product that can be carried everywhere not just glued to the car (carphone). Mitchell and Cooper must be small and lightweight enough to be a portable device that can be carried around. It took me three months or 90 days in 1972 to create the first prototype of the mobile phone idea.

The Discovery of the First Mobile PhoneThe invention under the name "Radio Telephone System" was then filed on October 17, 1973 for patent with the patent number 3906166 which was then approved in September 1975 on their behalf. Martin Cooper is considered to be the first inventor of a mobile phone or mobile phone and the first person to make the first mobile phone call on April 3, 1973 using a prototype mobile mobile phone.

The historic event was witnessed in public in front of reporters and passersby on a New York City street. The first call was addressed to Dr. Joel S. Engel, head of research at Bell Labs. And the first sentence uttered was "Joel, I'm calling you from a 'real' cellular telephone. A portable handheld telephone."

The first call was the beginning of a marker of the start of the fundamental shift of technology and the communication market towards portable telephone communication where one can directly communicate directly with others, no longer like the old days where the intended place is like a landline.

It is the work of his vision for personal wireless mobile phone communication that sets him apart from car phones. Cooper later revealed that he got the idea to develop the phone after watching Captain Kirk use a communicator on the star trek television series.

Despite being dubbed the 'Father of Mobile Phones', Martin Cooper humbly said, "Although I was part of the invention, it was the work of a team and hundreds of literature people who created a vision of how cellular is today, which is certainly not perfect. We're still working and trying to make it better."

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