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Kitchen cabinet hardware is a small part of the entire kitchen interior design, although it adds the last details, which are the defining part of the room. Whether you like it or not, but exactly tiny details are the ones with the greatest impact. They complete the picture and integrate the missing parts, serving as the last pieces of the puzzle. 

As you have probably noticed, cabinet hardware plays an essential role in the kitchen. Therefore, we would like to draw your attention to some of the latest trends in this sense so that you achieve a stylish result that will keep you up-to-date. We promise to provide you with the best ideas, explaining them at the relevant level and inspiring you through an array of photos. Kitchen cabinet hardware styles in 2022

The defining concepts of the 2022 kitchen trends are simplicity, functionality, and eco-friendliness. Therefore, the cabinet hardware should incorporate these aspects for integrating perfectly into an environment of the same kind. Furthermore, such elements as the background color and other decorative units should be considered when choosing the cabinet hardware.

We prepared a list of hardware styles in this sense and are ready to share it with you. All you have to do is scroll through it and get inspired. Minimalist style

It supposes the use of the space at the maximum and of unnecessary details at the minimum. Therefore, you can opt for no cabinet hardware at all, emphasizing the idea of simplicity itself. At the same time, you can consider simple elements in this sense, which implies neutral colors and unsophisticated shapes. Furthermore, it will be better if these units will not be that visible on the cabinet background. Hi-tech style

This style includes the use of the latest materials, geometric shapes, and many lighting sources to throw light on the decorative elements. The kitchen cabinets should integrate such aspects as neutral colors, smooth textures, and delicate hardware. What do we mean by delicate? Sharp forms that emphasize perfectly the style itself. The material for these elements can be different. One thing to be considered in this sense: they have to look ultramodern. Eco-style

This style is not planning on getting out-of-date as the ecologic subject is tackled more and more. Therefore, the idea of contributing to nature preservation can also be included in the kitchen interior design. You can consider neutral colors and materials inspired by nature, such as wood for cabinet hardware. Nevertheless, you can opt for other materials as well that fit perfectly an eco-style kitchen. Don’t forget to integrate them into the kitchen decor so that they serve as a constituent part of the picture. Kitchen cabinet hardware designs in 2022

The kitchen designs trends in 2022 do not imply strict rules. The main feature in this sense is comfort. We suggest you opt for simple designs that add comfort to the room. Regarding the cabinet hardware, the same aspect applies here. You can consider elements from all styles mentioned earlier, leading to an eclectic mixture of different concepts. All you have to do is find a balance between functionality and aesthetics. We would like to provide you with a list of stylish designs in this sense for a perfect result. Bring in elegance

A kitchen can be enriched by small elements that would bring a point of interest to the room and introduce a note of elegance to the environment. We suggest you opt for brass hardware as it will smoothly emphasize the sharp lines of the kitchen cabinets and offer them a touch of softness.

It should be noted that brass is part of the 2022 trends and the perfect option if you want to make a statement but keep it simple. Eclectic combination

Suppose you want to integrate different values into your kitchen, such as traditional and modern ones. In that case, consider specific hardware designs that will manage to reach such a result. 

Consider modern bars and traditional knobs that will form together an entity. It proves that by combining only this kitchen element appropriately, you can bring different values into your kitchen and shape a complex atmosphere.

In the same flow of ideas regarding a minimalist style, we would like to draw your attention to a simple design for the cabinet hardware, yet an emphasized one. If you wonder how these concepts can be part of these elements at the same time, here is the answer: the same color for the hardware as for the cabinets, or a neutral one, will make them less visible, while the thin lines will emphasize the elegance of the kitchen. 

Furthermore, if you opt for neutral colors, particularly bright ones, you will achieve a double effect. The light colors and thin lines will offer your kitchen a touch of freshness and a delicate atmosphere. Bold combination

If you want to underline your kitchen cabinets, we suggest you opt for an unusual combination of cup pulls and bars or cup pulls and knobs. You can consider any color in this sense that would match perfectly the cabinets. 

Furthermore, this option will suit any kitchen style by bringing together different values. It should be noted that it will integrate perfectly into the simplicity of your kitchen, which is one of the 2022 trends’ main features. Unusual design for a statement

Although the 2022 trends encourage us to use simple decor elements, it does not mean that you cannot opt for an unusual design. We suggest you consider brass or gold units in this sense, whose design is inspired either by natural elements or geometric forms. 

It should be noted that the design mentioned earlier integrates some of the concepts that stand at the basis of the kitchen trends in 2022.Contrastive combination

As mentioned earlier, the 2022 kitchen trends imply neutral colors. Therefore, we suggest you opt for such shades for kitchen hardware. You could not go wrong if you opted for black, particularly on white cabinets, which is another trend in this context.

Furthermore, there are other combinations you can consider in this sense, whose contrast will add the missing part to your kitchen and complete the puzzle. Stick to the classic

Classic will never get out of date. Therefore, we suggest you stick to the classic hardware designs, such as usual knobs or bars. It should be noted that they will fit any style. Furthermore, their simple design allows them to be integrated perfectly into a minimalist style that will keep you in trend. Regarding the color, consider a neutral one in order not to spoil the picture by suppressing the overall decor.

If you want to bring a touch of vintage to your modern kitchen or complement a conservative one, consider vintage knobs or bars. Particularly effective in this sense are the brass ones.

Furthermore, opt for cabinet hardware that is designed to look aged for a perfect result in this sense. A retrospective of the old values will always be in trend. Therefore, you will keep pace with the newest trends and achieve a stylish result. Bring in geometry 

One of the 2022 kitchen trends is the geometric forms. We suggest you incorporate this idea into your kitchen cabinet hardware. It will offer the decor a point of interest and emphasize the sharp lines of the cabinets. 

Furthermore, this design will integrate perfectly in any style and enrich it with stability. There are various shapes you can opt for. Nevertheless, there is one thing to be considered: don’t go too extra since you have to stick to the main principle of the 2022 trends – simplicity. Gray for perfection

Gray is a neutral color that will perfectly match the rules imposed by the 2022 trends. It will fit any style and balance the contrasts within the kitchen. If you opt for gray hardware, your kitchen cabinets will achieve a new look.

Furthermore, you will never get out of date if you consider such an option as gray knobs, bars, or hardware of other shapes, as it is a sort of a classic in this sense. Therefore, we suggest you go in this direction if you have not decided yet which design to pick as there is no possibility of going wrong with this one.

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