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Hardware is a performance-supporting hardware based on computers, hardware itself has a rapid development in the world of gadget technology in the world, here are some of the latest hardware lists in 2012 that have been released by some of the world's leading hardware manufacturers: Nvidia VGX K2, the world's first cloud-based GPU

The high market demand for GPU (graphic processing unit) problems, and again trending cloud-based technology, finally the original VGA factory, Nvidia issued a new GP technology, namely VGX K2 which is equipped using cloud technology using kepler architecture. Several technologies have been embedded in this GPU by Nvidia, among others: patent-pending remote dispalay technology that minimizes lag, &y SMX technology that allows K2 to perform multiprocessor streaming & optimally increase power. This GPU is equipped with 4GB GDDR5 VRAM which promises optimal image quality.

Because of its cloud technology, this device allows use equally for several devices at once, using only these devices in connection with LAN or Wifi networks. Glass Chip

Hitachi is a manufacturer that launches a chip technology that is very surprising, this chip is made of quartz glass with a size of 2centimeter and 2 millimeters thick, this chip can store data of 40 megabytes per square inch, & according to data analysis in this chip can last almost forever. And it has an advantage that is waterproof & resistant to most materials. Logitech k810

Logitech manufacturer launched a keyboard using quite cangih technology, generally the keyboard is only used for 1 unit of computers only but logitech k810 can win several devices at once using its wireless technology. This keyboard can not only be used by PCs but can be used to operate smartphones or tablet PCs, to move between one gadget to another gadget that is not too difficult, because Logitech has provided special keys to move .

According to reports, this keyboard will be released at a price range of 100USD, and can be found in stores starting in November.Kingston HyperX Predator   

Recently kingston issued a company that is able to pamper extreme enthusiasts and overclockers who are looking for memory to improve their laptop / pc working system to the highest speed. Through a new high-performance DRAM module, the Kingston HyperX Predator has high speed, low latency, and the largest capacity.

Equipped with a new heatspreader, this memory provides a more militant design, and accompanied by the best heat disposal to optimize memory reliability.

Hyper XPredator provides speeds of up to 2666Mhz, CAS latencies 9 &11, and 8 to 32 GB of density in various dual- and quad channelkit configurations. Kingston also guarantees a lifetime guarantee &free technical support.Ivy Bridge technology processor  

Intel has recently launched a new generation according to the ivy bridge processor line that uses 3D transistors. With ivy bridge technology Intel claims that the technology can result in computing power using less power.

This product is the first product in the world to use 22 nanometers and put better performance if 20% use reduces the use of homogeneous power by 20%.

Intel also showed its seriousness in the development of this technology by proving, intel has built 3 specialty factories to produce this processor and it is estimated that the fourth factory will also be able to operate later this year. This is the fastest step taken by intel.

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