Logitech MX Keys Mini Wireless Illuminated Keyboard

Welcome the MX Keys Mini, a minimalist keyboard made for creators.Its smaller shape and smarter buttons result in a much better way to work, make things, and work.


It works using a minimalist keyboard that puts every key, command, and shortcut at the end of your fingers. The minimalist shape adjusts to your shoulders and makes it easier for you to put the mouse closer to your keyboard so you don't have to reach further, for better posture and more comfortable ergonomics. BUTTONS FORMED ACCORDING TO THE END OF YOUR FINGERS

The Perfect Stroke button ensures each keystroke is smooth, natural, and accurate. This round button matches the shape of the tip of your finger and the rounded edges present satisfactory feedback, no matter how you press the button. A matte layer is used on each button so that your fingers will slide smoothly over the surface. VERY SMOOTH TYPING

Each keystroke is seamless, natural and accurate on the MX Keys Mini.Better button stability reduces querelle and optimizes your responding so you can feel, but not hear, every tap. And all MX Keys Mini are held together by a metal aplomb that produces a very sturdy shape and will never slide down from your desk. INTRODUCING EMOJI BUTTONS, DICTATION, AND TURNING OFF/TURNING ON MICROPHONE SOUNDS

Newer Logiciel Logitech Options, available for Windows® and macOS on www.logitech.com/options now provides the ability to send emojis, turn off, and turn on microphone sounds, as well as enable talk to text.

Tap this button for talk-to-text in any preferred text field.

Instantly open the emoji window so you can choose to send it 🥰 🤣 or 🔥 in seconds

Turn off / Turn on Microphone Sound

Type this button to turn off and turn on the microphone sound for seamless video calls



Minimalist Wireless Luminous Keyboard

Minimalist Wireless Luminous KeyboardKeyboard MX Keys MiniHeight: 131.95 mmWidth: 295.99 mmThickness: 20.97 mmWeight: 506.4 gRequirementInternet connection for soft downloadLogitech Options software for macOS and WindowsLow Energy Bluetooth-enabled devices with keyboard supportCompatibilityCompatible with Logi Bolt USB Receiver (not included)Logi Bolt wireless products will not pair with other Logitech USB receivers.ATTENTION: FILEVAULTFileVault is an encryption system available on some Mac computers. When enabled, this system will prevent Bluetooth devices from connecting to your computer if you are not already logged in. If you have enabled FileVault, we recommend purchasing a compatible USB Logi Bolt Receiver.Keyboard UniversalUSB-C charging cable (USB-A to USB-C)User documentation

Limited Hardware Warranty 1 YearPale Gray:920-010506Graphite:920-010505Rose:920-010507Start

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