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                                                                Photo by Tadas Sar on Unsplash  – Minimum specifications of installing Windows 11. Windows 11 was officially introduced and will be released to the public commercially in the holidays of late 2021.

Good news for Windows 10 users because reportedly will get an upgrade update to Windows 11 for free alias free.

But of course the computer or laptop meets the minimum specification requirements install Widows 11.Windows 11 changes

Windows 11 has a new user interface. Simpler and calmer that was once checkered became rounder.

The taskbar menu can also be moved on the left as usual and can also be in the middle such as linux and MacOS display.

Now the Teams application has merged with Windows is no longer an application that must be downloaded separately and installed.

Windows 11 will be easy to adjust to the device you use such as a touch screen laptop then accommodates typing with one hand. Windows 11 works well on a variety of devices.

In addition, Windows 11 will also be compatible with several pens (stylus).

By using Windows 11 you can also type letters with sound so that if you are tired of typing then it can be with sound.

That's just as small as any of the Windows 11 changes  There are many other features that have not been revealed.

Before the arrival of Windows 11 at the end of 2021 it's a good thing to prepare your device to be competitive with minimum specifications install Windows 11.

If you meet these requirements then your computer or laptop can install Windows 11.Minimum Specifications install Windows 11

Compiled from the official Microsft website there are a number of minimum requirements to be able to install Windows 11.

The basic plan to install Windows 11 you must fulfill to be able to install it. For that, pay close attention to the minimum install requirements of Windows 11 below. Processor

The processor used by your computer/laptop must have a speed of at least 1 GHz with 2 or more cores.

The processor must also have a 64 bit architecture. RAM

The minimum ram recommended by Microsoft to install Windows 11 is 4 GB. Bigger, of course, would be better. Storage/storage

There is at least 64 GB of HD or SSD capacity to be able to install Windows 11. Bigger is better.

Your computer's BIOS should support UEFI, and secure bootability (Secure Boot Capable) TPM

TPM stands for Trusted Platform Module in the form of hardware on the MOTHERBOARD PC or Laptop that serves to protect data.

The latest TPM is version 2.0.

To check the TPM version you can type in the search menu next to the start on windows 10 by typing tpm.msc.

If there is a TPM then there will be version information at the bottom.

For computer it does not have TPM after being checked with tpm.msc.Graphics Card

Graphics cards must support DirectX 12 and WDDM 2.0.Monitor drivers

Microsoft's recommended monitor to be able to display images with a good HD resolution of 720P with a diagonal width of at least 9 inches and 8 bits of color. Internet

For Windows 11 the Home version requires an internet connection when setup the device when first used.

Windows 11 home S mode also needs internet. And in general all versions of Windows 11 need the internet for the required updates and downloads.

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