Mont Semeru eruption disaster

Facebook activates the safety verification of the Mont Semeru eruption disaster


Facebook Safety Check
                                                       Facebook Activates a security check feature related to the eruption of Mount Semeru (Facebook)

    The Facebook Social Network has enabled the security check functionality related to the Eruption of Mount Seedu, which has occurred in the promotion promotion promotion district, Lumajang Regency, East Java on Saturday (4/12/2021) Afternoon. Based on the monitoring of Nuansatech, the security check for the Mont Semeru Natural Disaster can be used on Facebook from Saturday (4/12/2021) at 17.07 Wib and will continue to be active until Sunday (5 / 12/2021) at 11.50 WIB. "On Saturday, December 4, the Darwin / VAAC volcanic ash advisory center recorded ashes from the top that was at least 50,000 feet at a 500-year flight price," wrote Facebook on the page. "The particles amounted above 33,000 feet (10 km / 6.2 miles) and can stay in the atmosphere for a while, causing a fall of the ashes in the vicinity over a long time," continued Facebook.


    On the page, Facebook also recorded the number of local residents affected by the volcanic eruption above 3,676 meters above sea level. The Security Safety Facebook page noted that there were about 2,686 people living within 5 kilometers (3.1 miles) of the summit, with 8,375 inhabitants within 10 kilometers (6.2 miles).

    An exclusion zone of 5 km (3.1 km) exists in the area extending southeast of the summit due to the risk of pyroclastic flow and ashes. The winds in the area blow from the west at a speed of 13 kilometers (eight miles) per hour.  This area has a dominant north-west wind over the period from December to March, "the page is read.  For your information, the security check is a feature specifically provided by Facebook when a disaster occurs.  Through this feature, users can provide information that they are in an emergency situation.  Security is safe when a disaster occurs. Safety Check can also be used to check the status of friends or other people after a crisis or disaster.


    Previously, this feature was also used in several major disasters, one of which was the evolution of the Greater Jakarta region at the beginning of 2020.


    How to Use Facebook Security Check Users in a disaster area to report the latest conditions around them or check the condition of their loved ones via the following link.  A list of friends in places affected by the disaster can be seen in the "Friends in the area" on the left.  Then select the "All" column. Once clicked, the column displays the names of other registered users to be around the scene. A list of already secure friends can be found in the "Security" section accompanied by the green text "Sea-on Safe Safe". On the other hand, if the friend is still in a dangerous status, the username will be marked with a black text that says "not marked without danger".


    Users can also enter the account name they want to search in the search field, located in the upper right corner. If the name of a friend on the list did not mark it as safe, it does not necessarily mean that it is in danger.

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