Samsung Galaxy S22 Release date, Price And Leaks

Samsung Galaxy S22 Release date, prices, leaks, and what we know this product


Samsung Galaxy S22
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Although the Samsung Galaxy S22 series is still a solution, with a launch date of January or February 2022, most likely, leaks and rumors have arrived thick and fast for the three devices in the line.


It is the successors of the Samsung Galaxy S21 of 2021, Galaxy S21 Plus, and Galaxy S21 Ultra, but also got the big boots of the Samsung Galaxy Note 21 to fill, with an end-of-year flagship ship of 2021 actually canceled, a lot to Samsung fans grief.


Little is officially known about what Samsung will concoct for his next flagship flagpole smartphone, despite the amount of unofficial leaks, and we are almost sure to hear about the S21 FE galaxy before hearing the S22.


The Galaxy S22 is Samsung's next big lighthouse and, since the Samsung Galaxy Note 21 was canceled, will be the first large traditional telephone of the company to go out in a year. We saw the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 went out with Stylus Stylus, as well as the CLAMSHELL Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 Launch at the same price as the flagship phones - but for most consumers, the Galaxy S22 is the next big Android phone.


Below we will gather all the leaks, rumors, and news that we hear about the Samsung Galaxy S22 until its launch, probably at the beginning of the 2022. We will keep track of the details of the exit date Galaxy S22, price, characteristics, and more, rumors about its new features to flee images from what the phone could have resembled.



Samsung Galaxy S22: What should you know


Samsung Galaxy S22 Release Date: The rumors point to an exit of February for the Samsung Galaxy S22, with an event possibly on February 8, it is not confirmed, but we would be surprised not to land at the beginning of 2022.


Samsung Galaxy S22 Price: The prices are unknown, but for reference, the Samsung Galaxy S21 started at $ 799/769 £ / 1,249 / We review a similar price again.


Design: The Samsung Galaxy S22 and Samsung Galaxy S22 more are likely similar to their predecessors, with the ultra-rumous S22 for a more angular design reminiscent of Galaxy's note range.


Colors: A leak suggests that the Samsung Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22 Plus can come into white gold, black, pink gold, and green shades, while the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra could come in black, white, green, and dark red.


Display: The Samsung Galaxy S22 is rumor of a 6.06-inch screen, the S22 plus one of 6.55 inches and the Ultra-6.81-inch S22. The three models should have a refresh rate of 120Hz, but this is likely to be associated with an FHD + resolution for the less expensive resolution, and a QHD + resolution for the Ultra.


Camera: 50mp main, 12MP ultra-wide, and 12mp The cameras were rumored for S22 and S22 plus. Things are less clear for the Ultra, but it can have a 108 MP main portal, a 12 MP ultra-wide telephoto, and two-10MP-telephoto lens.


Specifications: Expect the Snapdragon 898 or Exynos 2200 chipset depending on the region, possibly coupled with the same amounts of RAM and storage that the S21 range. This would mean up to 16 GB of RAM and 512 GB of storage in the Ultra, or 8GB RAM and up to 256 GB of storage in other models.


Battery: Leaks Number on a battery of 3,700 mAh in the S22, 4,500 mAh in the S22 plus, and 5,000 mAh in the Ultra-S22. Other than the ultra-these would all be smaller than the batteries of the S21 range. The load speed on the Ultra-S22 could be improved, possibly at 45W.


Release date Samsung Galaxy S22


Most of the first Samsung Galaxy S22 Rumor release date showed 20 January 2022, but it would now appear that a February launch is more likely.


Multiple sources have now pointed February, with the Fuit Jon Prosser, saying that the phone will be unveiled on February 8, then sold on February 18th.


This accidental time makes sense, as can be expected that Samsung will follow an annex similar to its 2021 plans in which the Company has followed its launch from previous years and revealed the phone in mid-January.


We have also heard that the phones have entered mass production at the end of October, which would probably work for an end of January or early February.


Does this mean that we will see the Samsung Galaxy S22 series in January or February 2022? There is no warranty and a recent leak suggests that the company pushes the phone to release the Samsung Galaxy S21 Fe delay.


Samsung could decide failure to return to his usual flagship liberation window and repel the phone in February or March. That said, the company can even bring the launch and announcing the handsets even earlier.


This has been specifically ruined, with a search suggesting that the Samsung Galaxy S22 range could land in December.


A previous launch is particularly possible because there will be no Samsung Galaxy Note 21 and since the Samsung Galaxy S21 Fe may also have been canceled, which could also be a large gap between Samsung flags (Read: Not Foldable). But we doubt that Samsung would launch two numbers in one year.


So, while no one does not know what to expect from Samsung, our best estimate for the moment is a launch of January again, but we will be sure to provide more details when leaks start to give us a clearer wait release date.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Design


The overall design of the Samsung Galaxy S22 range can be very similar to the current range, according to a leak, so do not expect big visual changes, at least of the S22 and Galaxy S22 Plus.


We have now seen unofficial rendering of the three handsets, a reliable source that we have integrated below. You can see that the S22 and the S22 plus stick with the conventional look of their predecessors, while the Ultra-S22 goes for something a little different. We also saw a rear plate leak for the Ultra-S22.


Samsung galaxy s22 Price


So far, we do not know anything of the price of the Samsung Galaxy S22 range, but we expected it to be around the same price as the Galaxy S21 range during its launch.


Samsung Galaxy S21 started at $ 799/769 £ / $ 1,249, the S21 Plus started at $ 999 / £ 949 and S21 Ultra started at $ 1,190 / £ 1,149 / 1,849 £ / at £ 1,849.



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