The 10 Best SSD Brand Recommendations 2021 for Laptops and PCs

SSD(Solid State Drive)is a hardware error that has a function to store data. The data can be documents, photos, music, videos, to events. Because its work is very important in storing data, of course, PC builders need to use the best SSD brand, right?

Before SSDs, maybe Shopee you've heard the word HDD(Harddisk Drive). Both hardware serves as storage space on a personal computer or laptop. However, now POLY SSDs are increasingly being used as primary storage media.

This is because SSDs have several advantages over HDDs, namely their compact & thin shape, super fast read and write access, to energy efficient.

Well, Buddy Shopee, interested in installing an SSD or replacing an HDD as an SSD? Know first the type of laptop SSD that is now poly on the market! Know the different types of SSDs 1. 2.5 inch SATA SSDSource:

A two.5-inch SATA SSD is one of the most generic types of SSDs used today. Not only that, SATA SSD can also be used on almost all types of laptops as well as computers.

Typically, the maximum speed of an SATA SSD reaches 600MB/s. You can find this type of SSD using easily in the market using a price that is more affordable than other types. 2. SSD mSATASource:

This type of mSATA SSD has a smaller factor size than an SSD in general. This is because mSATA is designed for use in devices that have limited power, such as laptops or tablets.

The size of the mSATA SSD is approximately the size of a business card. In addition to its mini size, other advantages of mSATA SSDs are low power consumption, shock resistance, and has the ability to boot or shutdown devices faster. 3. SSD M.2 SATASource:

Next, there is the M.2 SATA SSD made to provide high-performance storage in thin-sized devices with limited power. The size is smaller than mSATA SSDs, therefore, this type of SSD is suitable for devices such as ultrabook laptops and tablets. 4. SSD M.2 NVMeSource:

Looking for the most speeding ssd? M.two NVMe is the answer! The shape is quite like with M.2 SATA, but M.two NVMe is much faster.

NVMe is capable of forming transfer speeds of up to 6GB/s. Generally, the latest laptops or computers have used NVMe SSDs. The 10 Best SSD Brands for PCs and Laptops in 2021 1. CorsairSource:

The first best SSD brand was Corsair. As a leading technology company that produces electronic devices for gamers and content creators,Corsair has a series of SSD options that have premium quality.

One of the best products is the 240GB Corsair Force LE200. With three SATA technology, this Corsair SSD has a data transfer rate of 6GB / s. The more complete, the use of power is also classified as economical. 2. V-GenSource:

Cheap, but permanently quality. That resulted in V-Gen being one of the best SSD brands on the market today. One of its flagship products is the 120GB V-Gen SSD. This is because the SSD had a read speed of up to 530 Mbps and write up to 450 Mbps. 3. SamsungSource:

Of course, Shopee is familiar with using Samsung, right? This South Korean technology company is also classified as one of the best SSD brands, you know. The most powerful product is the Samsung 980 Pro.

With a capacity of 1TB & read speed up to 7,000 Mbps, the 980 PRO is now the best one SSD error on the market. If you have more budget, you can really consider this one product! 4. IntelSource:

Often produces electronic devices and SSDs that have ciamik specifications, Intel also deserves to be called the best SSD brand. The winner of this brand is the Intel Optane SSD 905P.

Coming with 3D XPoint memory, the Intel Optane SSD 905P is arguably the fastest SSD. However, please note that this ssd is priced using a fairly expensive price. So, make sure you have enough budget before buying, yes. 5. KingstonSource:

Kingston is also one of the best and most trusted SSD brands. This is because this one brand has outdated production of quality SSDs and becomes a mainstay of poly people.

Kingston's SSD also comes in a variety of pricing options. For kingston SSD recommendations at affordable prices, there is Kingston KC600. There are 4 capacities, namely 256GB, 512GB, 1024GB, up to 2048GB that you can choose according to your needs.  6. WDSource:

Speaking of storage, WD is one of the most trustworthy brands. In fact, he is also often considered as the galat of one of the best SSD brands. Its flagship product is the WD Blue SN550.

There are three capacity options, namely 250GB, 500GB, and 1TB. WD Blue Sn550 can also provide read speed of 2400 Mbps & write 1950 Mbps. Because of its fast performance and affordable price, WD Blue SN550 can be the ideal SSD choice for PC gaming. 7. CrucialSource:

Long dabbled in the field of memory,Crucial is already one of the best SSD brands and is considered the lover of technology. The best Crucial SSD is the Crucial MX500.

There are three capacities offered by the Crucial MX500, namely 250GB, 500GB, up to 1TB. The Crucial MX500 is also known for its durability, as well as competitive pricing. 8. Adata Source:

The next best SSD brand is Adata. If you are interested in checking out this brand SSD choice, Adata XPG Gammix S50 Lite is a product that you must try.

XPG Gammix S50 Lite offers a capacity of 1TB & 2TB with a read speed of 3,900 Mbps & write 3,200 Mbps. The price is also relatively affordable using performance that cannot be underestimated. 9. SK HynixSource:

SK Hynix has also released a number of quality SSDs that make it also worthy of being called the error of one of the best SSD brands. One product that is often a recommendation is SK Hynix Gold P31.

With a capacity of 500GB to 1TB, SK Hynix has a read speed of 3,500 Mbps and writes of three,200 Mbps. With the specifications, gold P31 is able to show outstanding performance that can make working using a laptop so much smoother! 10. Team GroupSource:

The last best SSD brand recommendation is Team Group. One of its products, Team Group T-Force Cardea Zero Z340 is often the choice of many gadget lovers because it can show smooth and durable performance.

Team Group T-Force Cardea Zero Z340 has a read capability of three,400 Mbps & write three,000 Mbps. Storage capacity ranging from 256GB, 512GB, up to 1TB. Find the Best SSD Brands for Laptops and PCs On Shopee!

Shopee buddy, that's some of the best SSD brand options that you can consider before buying or upgrading your laptop SSD. Which one would you choose?

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