The iPhone 14 Pro is made by Samsung?

3D rendering image display of the alleged iPhone 14 phone.

SIAPGRAK.COM - The iPhone 14 series is likely to be released in mid-2022, but rumors related to the possible appearance of the next generation of phones from Apple are already circulating.

One of the models from the iPhone 14 series is rumored to get a screen design change. Since the arrival of the iPhone X in 2017, Apple has carried a notch screen design until now in the iPhone 13 series.

Rumors say the pony screen design will not be used in the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max models. Instead, both will use a punch-hole screen to embed the front camera.

Rumors of the use of punch-hole screens in the iPhone 14 Pro came from Ming-Chi Kuo, a well-known analyst for Apple products.

In addition, rumors also mention that Samsung may be a supplier of punch-hole screens in the iPhone 14 Pro.

This rumor came from Bussiness Korea, a South Korean online news portal that contains issues surrounding business. According to Bussiness Korea, there are three possible punch-hole screen suppliers in the iPhone 14 Pro, including Samsung, LG, and BOE (Best on Earth). Samsung strong candidate

Of the possible suppliers of such screens, Bussiness Korea made a kind of prediction of which company would supply punch-hole screens for Apple. In terms of its business chain, Samsung is a major supplier of Apple's OLED paneled screens on the iPhone 13 Pro.

In addition, Samsung is a promoter of OLED screens with punch-holes and has been using the screen technology in its phones for the past few years. The punch-hole OLED screen itself has also been used in some Android phones today.

Another supplier, LG, reportedly hasn't produced punch-hole screens so far according to the report. However, the screen technology is not difficult to produce by a company like LG.

For now, LG is reportedly focusing on getting Apple to remain its client for ltpo (low-temperature polycrystalline oxide) display products in the iPhone Pro series models.

The LTPO screen itself is an OLED paneled screen that is able to support dynamic refresh rates up to 120 Hz. Although LG is able to produce LTPO screens, it is still unclear whether the company will provide a screen for the iPhone 14 Pro.

Unlike LG, the BOE has also produced punch-holeOLED displays. However, the quality of BOE production screens is said to be lower than those made by Samsung and LG.

For now, BOE is reportedly working on an LTPO screen for Apple. It is likely that BOE will start production of the screen as early as 2023, as quoted by KompasTekno from BGR,Monday (12/27/2021).

From the consideration of the business chain of the three suppliers, if the iPhone 14 Pro so uses a punch-holescreen, then Samsung is a strong candidate for supplier. Design changes

News about the use of punch-holes in the iPhone 14 Pro and who the supplier is, is not information that comes from the company. Neither Apple nor the three screen suppliers have issued official statements on the issue until now.

If the iPhone 14 Pro so uses a punch-holescreen, it is predicted that there will be a robbery also in the placement of the Face ID sensor.

Because the venue for the Face ID component will also change, while the punch-hole screen will not have enough space other than to place the front camera.

Meanwhile, some people think Face ID is impossible to eliminate by Apple, considering this excellent technology that Android does not have. So, Face ID is predicted to be under the screen if the iPhone 14 Pro will use a punch-holescreen.

Author: Zulfikar Hardiansyah Editor: Reska K. Nistanto

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