The Latest Technology in 2020 Is Increasingly Rapid and Advancing

In the midst of the 4.0 industrial revolution, technological developments evolved very quickly. Some of the latest technologies released in 2020 are evidence of the development of increasingly sophisticated technology. What are the latest technologies of 2020?Artificial Intelligence Services

Artificial intelligence is one of the most impactful technological evolutions in the present. Artificial intelligence technology is now starting to be looked at by large companies. Not a few companies that develop artificial intelligence technology to improve their customer service. This trend looks set to continue in 2020. Inevitably humans have to get used to working side by side with artificial intelligence.

Most AI applications will take precedence over community service platforms. Some of the major companies that now provide service platforms using artificial intelligence are Google, Amazon and Microsoft. Even now automotive companies are also starting to apply artificial intelligence technology in their vehicle units such as Audi, Volvo to Nissan.

5G internet network promises super fast internet connection for both download and upload as well as a more stable connection. Actually, 5G network technology has been available since 2019. However, this technology is still quite expensive and its reach is limited in a few major cities only. 2020 is expected to be the year that 5G connections will be cheaper with a wider range.

If you want to find a super fast data network, 5G is the solution because it not only allows us to be able to download and stream high-quality movies and music. But it also increases the speed of the internet for businesses both home and corporate businesses. Increased bandwidth allows machines, robots and automated vehicles to collect and send data faster, certainly helping your activities to maximize the technology of the gadgets you have. One of the communication companies that are serious about developing 5G technology is Siemens.Autonomous Vehicles

At a time when Indonesia is on the go of online motorcycle taxis, automotive companies abroad are starting to develop autonomous vehicles or vehicles that can run on their own without the need for a driver. This latest technology is certainly one of the interesting trends that will steal the attention in 2020. One automotive company that seems impatient to release autonomous vehicle technology soon is Tesla.

Tesla plans to refine the concept of autonomous vehicle technology by 2020. This development will allow the vehicle to brake and change lanes automatically. Another feature that seems to be connected to the concept of autonomous vehicles is the safety and entertainment function that will automatically collect driving data. In addition to Tesla, other companies interested in developing the concept of autonomous vehicles are Google subsidiaries Waymo, Hyundai and Volvo.Computer Vision

Computer vision or visual computer is a technology that is able to identify a place, item, person or object from an image collected by a camera or sensor. This technology has been widely installed in smartphones. One of the capabilities of computer visual technology in smartphones is facial recognition features in the camera and image recognition through Google Image Search.

In 2020 it is estimated that the development of computer vision will be more rapid. Users of this technology will be more and more applied in various fields. For example, computer vision technology is applied to dubai airport facial recognition features as well as FaceID features in Apple products. The debate about computer visual technology is also increasingly fierce, especially in terms of the need to limit access to privacy in smartphone devices.Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology has actually been popular in recent years. However, this technology looks set to be more developed in 2020. Blockchain is basically a digital book used to record transactions protected by encryption. Throughout 2019 many people considered blockchain technology too exaggerated and the benefits were not as expected.

However, injections of investment funds from big companies like Walmart, IBM, FedEx and Mastercard are now coming to fruition. Blockchain is growing and does not rule out the possibility of being used by small companies around the world. Facebook plans to launch a cryptocurrency based on blockchain technology, Libra, in 2020. This technology will be a new player that is expected to further enliven the world's digital currency market.

Well, that was the 5 latest technologies 2020 that seem to change the human lifestyle both in driving, transacting and communicating.

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