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Technology is one of the many interesting things in the world. The latest technology continues to evolve with the times and changes. Not only in Indonesia technology has also existed and expanded to foreign countries with various advantages respectively.

But unfortunately in 2020, the emergence of the Covid-19 virus is enough to inhibit various community activities and also affect the digital transformation of the world. All business sectors of society around the world continue to be required to be able to update their digitization in accordance with the development and applicable technological trends.

Technology has a great influence on society, especially in the industry and business people. Technology is able to disrupt the progress and improvement of every company. Society also has an important role in the development of this technology, society is required to be able to adapt to the discoveries of new technologies.

In accordance with the fact that this year there are also many new technologies and inventions to facilitate the course of community activities in this world. As for the latest 2021 technology trends that you must know so as not to lag behind the times. Let's look at the explanation!!! 5 Latest Technology Trends in 2021 1. 5G network

Various developments in mobile phone networks have been widely discovered over the past few years. One of them is the 5G network. The existence of this great discovery must be followed by various advantages behind it, such as networking with household appliances, telephones, and cars.

Network speed that can reach 800 Gbps per second will make it easier for users, one of which is the download speed of dozens of HD (high definition) movies in just seconds.

There are 101 mobile operators out of 45 that will issue this 5G network. But unfortunately the advantages and existence of this 5G network will only exist on a few mobile phone brands. Hybrid Cloud Is Increasingly In Demand

Hybrid cloud is a combined technology of public cloud and private cloud.

In the previous year this technology has been widely used by large companies and in the coming year Hybrid Cloud is planned as a strategy by various organizations and companies. Cyber Security

Cyber-based security has been predicted to be a security that must be owned by private and public companies in the coming year. This technology was created because of concerns over the existence of hackers who can hack a lot of data in the digital world. Cyber will be much in demand because of its security capabilities that are superior to previous technologies. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Data, Al, and machine learning are three technologies that are discussed to help many organizations or companies in solving a variety of large-scale problems. This technology continues to be used by many companies due to its undoubted development every year.

Technology that is predicted to experience a new chapter is the use of Al technology, especially in supply chain planning. Software and franework are constantly evolving so that it encourages a wide variety of companies to keep up with the development of Al technology as the latest technology 2021. Work from Home Support Technology Is On the Rise

There are obstacles in doing activities for workers, increasing the percentage of workers who work at home more and more. In the coming year, it has been predicted that the presence of many technology-based companies has been predicted. That's why the creation of a variety of new technologies and new applications created to support and facilitate all work activities in the home.

Technology continues to develop with the times, we as a younger generation should be smarter in following every new trend that exists. May it be useful!!

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