The Most Advanced Computer Technology of 2020

Most Advanced Computer Technology - Technology today is evolving so fast and rapidly. You must have seen some advanced technology in activities in everyday life. The technology you used to dream of can already be found at this time. With the development so quickly, of course, all sorts of goods such as electronics for example.

Electronics have become more sophisticated than ever. Suppose a laptop or computer today. Electronic goods like this are needed in sophisticated dijaman as it is today.

And unbeknownst to us, this item has also undergone various very impressive transformational changes. Some types and brands of computers have been equipped with the most advanced technology. If you want to know what computer technology is at this time.

We have summarized it in this article The Most Advanced Computer Technology of 2020The Most Advanced Computer Technology of 2020

1. Virtual Keyboard Most Advanced Computer Technology - Virtual Keyboard

This technology was created by a computer or laptop company called Dell. The working principle of this technology is to combine all PCs into one or so-called all-in-one PCs. With this technology, users will be able to type directly on a table like a hologram keyboard. Of course, this technology will be of great help to you if your keyboard is damaged or error.

Your fingers don't need to type on a computer keyboard. And of course it will be more agile and moving while typing something on this virtual keyboard. This type of technology will definitely be very useful for you in performing various tasks and jobs in everyday life.

2. Computer InteractiveMost Advanced Computer Technology - Computer Interactive

Interactive computers are an advanced and also new technology from intel. Such computers will be very sensitive to visual input and various are done by the user in front of the screen.

Then, this kind of technology will be equipped with Intel realsense 3D cameras, this technology is very sensitive, even able to set the distance between sensors in front of the screen.

This technology is included in the Most Advanced Computer Technology of 2020

3. Wireless Charging Most Advanced Computer Technology - Wireless Charging

Wireless Charging is also made by Intel, wireless charging technology is so advanced and will definitely help all your activities.When you usually have to use a cable to charge your laptop battery, then Wireless Charging you do not need to use a longer cable to charge the battery in the laptop.

With wireless charging, you'll find it easier to charge the battery on your laptop without having to bother using a Charge cable.

Wireless Charging is also included in the Most Advanced Computer Technology of 2020

4. Creative Desktop with Touch Mat Most Advanced Computer Technology - Creative Desktop

Creative Desktop with Touch Mat is one of the latest computer technologies. Creative Desktop Touch Mat is made by one of the largest computer companies is HP.

This technology has been combined with 3D camera computers. This technology allows users to be able to scan various objects in front of the computer. Then manipulate the canvas that is on the table in front of you. For example, there is a cup located in front of the computer, the computer will be able to scan the cup in front of it clearly.

Once the image is on the computer, then you can manipulate the image you want by using the canvas near the computer on the desk.

The type of image that will be inserted into the computer is that type of 3D image. The tool used for various objects scanning to the Touch Mat is a projector located above Sprout.

5. Biometric Sensor Most Advanced Computer Technology - Sensor Biometrics

You may have heard of biometric sensors? Biometric sensors are the latest technology that can be applied to computers. Biometric sensors will make it easier for you to authorize websites and sites on Google.

When usually we have to use a password or username to access the website or site, then with biometric sensors you can enter more practically, securely and very easily.

6. Wireless Display Most Advanced Computer Technology - Wireless Display

Wireless display is one of the advanced technologies developed by a computer company called Intel. By using Wireless Display, laptops and computers do not need to be connected by cable when connected to the internet.

This technology can also connect a laptop or computer with some other laptop or computer. For those of you who often present works such as public presentations, then this technology will help to simplify your kenerja.

You don't need to install cables to present your work in public. Just by using this technology, you can already present anything easily save time activities.

Those are some of the most advanced computer technology of 2020 that you love to miss. With the advancement of technology today, inventions in the world of computers will definitely be more sophisticated.  Some of the above technologies are intended to help all human work activities become easier.

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