The world's first SMS is valued at 1.7 billion

The world's first SMS is valued at 1.7 billion

The world's first SMS is valued at 1.7 billion

The first SMS in the world are valued at 1.

The first SMS message of the shipped world, has been auctioned by Vodafone and sells a little. Precisely, the price of this SMS is around 90 thousand pounds or in the range of RP 1.7 billion.

The SMS was sent in December of 1992 or 29 years with the words Merry Christmas or Merry Christmas. The SMS was sent through a computer by an engineer named Neil Papworth to the colleague of him, Richard Jarvis.

Richard Jarvis received an SMS with respect to a telephone device called Orbitel, which was similar to a desk phone, but without cable.

"They were having an event at the end of the year, so he sent the message with the sound of Merry Christmas," said Maximilen AguTess from the Agutte Auction House based in Paris.

A year later, Nokia presented the SMS messaging system on its mobile phones. Then, over time, SMS became one of the most popular methods of communication.

In this auction, the SMS is sold in the form of NFT or non-fungible tokens, a type of digital asset that currently has the trend in several countries. Each NFT is unique and can be a photo, video or text.

The buyer, who did not want to be named, will receive a replica of the protocol that transmits the SMS. Meanwhile, the income of the sale will be delivered to the UN Humanitarian Agency, namely the United Nations refugee agency.

NFT sales are currently non-legal in France. Therefore, to overcome it, the auction house shows the first SMS in a digital framework, which shows the code, as well as the Communication Protocol.700 million

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