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What is microtic? Mikrotik is a Linux base operating system used for network routers. Mikrotik is made to provide convenience for its users.

The administration system can be applied using Windows Application (Winbox).

In addition, the installation process can also be done using a Standard Computer.

PCs used for microtic routers also do not require large resources for their use. Because it is used for one function only, such as gateways & so on.

Of course for microtic routers must also be selected the most adequate so that performance is not disturbed. Those of you who want to learn more microtics, just refer to the following review. Microtics

In general, microtics are operating systems and software that can be used to result in a PC or personal computer for a reliable network router.

In the router earlier, the PC can also include many excellent features such as IP Network wireless network, internet café provider and hotspot.

So, the authentic microtic helps its users.

Microtik is indeed a special instruction to facilitate various kinds of computer personal network needs.

Call it like designing and also building a personal network system of mini-scale to complex computers. Today, internet café businesses mostly use microtics for their routers.

As a result, not a few of the entrepreneurs were satisfied with the performance of the microtic.

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Especially with the advancement of the world of technology in its own microtics there are many additional features provided.

This feature that makes microtik more in demand by its users. Examples of additional features are:IpsecCaching DNS ClientRouting Static RoutingFirewall & NATWeb ProxyUpnPSNMPMNDPMonitoring or accountingTools and many other features

The difference in microtics using the old operating system is the advantages of the features mentioned earlier.

No wonder microtics are the lightest and simplest operating systems. So it is common if poly business café uses microtik.

Not a few people who have a microtic disparity & router. You need to know that the router is a lift that bridges the two networks.

While mikrotik is an operating system that goes into the open source system but does not include free software.

Mikrotik is generally widely used for ISPs, internet cafés, online game stores to hotspot providers.

Mikrotik has many interesting facilities, such as hotspots for plug and play access, statefull firewall and many others.

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Microtik available on the market is only one type.

Microtics company shares 2 microtic products called Mikrotik RouterOS & RouterBoard.

The way the microtic setting was not the same as his needs. Here is an explanation of the two types of microtics: 1. Mikrotik RouterOS

This type of microtic is a UNIX base operating system that makes ordinary computers to provide features such as hotspots, brigde, proxy servers, routers, firewalls & many others.

The setting is very easy so it's no wonder many people use it for routers. Routerboard

If the previous one was a software operating system, it is not the same as Routerboard.

This microtic is a network hardware developed by microtic companies.

Routerboard installed routerOS operating system. Although the shape is hardware, permanently the shape is quite simple and also very mini in size.

This routerboard consists of various components. Call it like RAM, ROM, flash memory & processor.

The price of this type of microtic in the market is also relatively affordable. Where you have to spend as much as 700 thousand to 800 thousand to get it.

For the way the setting is also relatively easy but not as easy as the previous type of microtic. Microtic function

After understanding what microtics are, you must be curious what the function of microtics as a result is very widely used today.  The function of this device on the network is crucial.

Here are 6 microtic primary functions you should know:

1. The main function of microtics is to block sites that contain content that cannot be legal. With the microtic, of course, it supports positive internet use programs for out-of-sync content.

two. Mikrotik serves to set and configure LANs using Microtik Router OS PCs and low hardware

three. The function of microtics is to set up an internet network that can be done centrally so that admins are easy to manage data.

4. Mikrotik can be used for billing hotspots that easily configure and share bandwidth for each network

5. Mikrotik can be enabled for PPPoE Servers manufacturing devices

6. Mikrotik can be used to separate international and local traffic bandwidth

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That's the microtics you should know. So now have you understood what is microtics, functions and types in it?

This device is indeed very crucial, especially for those of you who want to create a network, either internet café or so on.

Poly guide to learning which microtic devices can be used as a result adds to your fluency for these devices.

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See you in the next article.

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