Xiaomi announces jumbo anti-bongsor battery technology

Xiaomi announces jumbo anti-bongsor battery technology


Nuansatech.com - Xiaomi 11T Pro is equipped with a fast charging feature of 120 watts, creating when charging is getting cepat. Nuansatech.com - Battery capacity is one of the crucial considerations for some people when they want to buy a new phone. Because, the more "jumbo" battery capacity, the more outdated the phone's durability when used.

However, large-capacity batteries also have other consequences. Usually, the battery of a phone with a "jumbo" capacity will help create the body of the phone more bongsor or thicker.

The good news is that Xiaomi has modern battery technology that can increase battery capacity by up to 10 percent, but the increase in capacity does not help make the battery size as greater.

The battery technology was called high-silicon lithium battery. This latest battery technology was announced by Xiaomi in a post on the company's Weibo account, the latest.

In the upload, Xiaomi included 2 images of batteries using the same size, as the picture below.

© Provided by Nuansatech.com With the same size, Xiaomi's new high-silicon battery (right) can deliver a battery capacity 10 percent greater than conventional lithium-ion batteries (left). The battery on the left is an image of a conventional lithium-ion battery commonly used in today's smartphones. Meanwhile, the battery on the left is a high-silicon lithium battery that is a modern invention from Xiaomi.

Xiaomi claims that its new high-silicon battery has three times more silicon in negative electrodes than it uses in a normal lithium-ion battery.

In addition, high-silicon batteries also use new packaging technology that can minimize the control circuit in the battery.

These two things allow Xiaomi's latest high-silicon battery to be able to accommodate up to 10 percent more poly battery capacity, even though it uses the same battery size using conventional lithium-ion batteries.

In addition, this high-silicon battery is also considered to increase battery life up to 100 min.

Xiaomi said it will only start mass producing high-silicon batteries in the second half of next year, or the July-December 2022 period, as compiled byNuansatech from XDA Developers, Tuesday (12/14/2021).

So, presumably the flagship Xiaomi 12 phone that is rumored to be launched soon will not be equipped using this modern battery technology.

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Still related to batteries, previously, Xiaomi first introduced its latest fast charging technology, named "HyperCharge".

The Fast Charging standard supports fast charging with 200 watts of power. Xiaomi claims that "HyperCharge" is a much faster charging technology based on anything it has seen so far.

The technology was showcased by Xiaomi through a video uploaded on its YouTube channel in late May 2021.

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© Provided byNuansatech.com, Xiaomi HyperCharge In the video, Xiaomi demonstrated the ability of super-fast charging technology to charge a phone with a capacity of 4,000 mAh.

The test showed the battery power of Xiaomi phones charged 50 percent in just 3 min. Then on the 6th min, the phone battery is already charged 80 percent. Until finally the battery is fully charged in the 8th min.

Not long ago, Xiaomi pinned its latest HyperCharge technology on the Xiaomi 11T Pro phone released in Indonesia in mid-September 2021.

The difference is, Xiaomi 11T Pro is equipped with a battery capacity of five,000 mAh with the support of HyperCharge technology 120 watts.

Xiaomi itself guarantees that the 120 watt HyperCharge technology is able to charge the Xiaomi 11T Pro to full in approximately 17 min, without explaining the percentage of battery power before on-charge.

According to Nuansatech experience when trying this phone for a month, to charge from 14 percent to full 100%, Xiaomi 11T Pro requires charging time for approximately 28 min.

To support the 120 watt HyperCharge feature, Xiaomi equipped the Xiaomi 11T Pro with a "jumbo" charger adapter using a fairly heavy weight when compared to using a charger adapter in general.

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