YoWhatsapp Apk Review and Latest YoWA Secret Features 2022

YoWhatsapp is a Modified Whatsapp application or in other words Whatsapp Mod. The app was raised by a team of developers and launched drôle. The development team improved the unique feature on Whatsapp by replacing its basic législation. This activity is often tried for those who like to modify the application.

The selection of the name YoWhatsapp itself comes from the pseudonym of the application developer is" YO" which has the name Yousef Al-Basha. He planned to spread the results of his modifications to the Whatsapp application so that people could feel the features added by him. The features added by Yousef have unique features and benefit users.

Unfortunately, the developer of YoWhatsapp stopped the application development process due in part to exutoire. After that, the development of the application was continued by a new developer named Fouad. Fouad increased its name on the modified application so that it was originally named YoWhatsapp to Fouad YoWhatsapp or abbreviated to FouadYoWa.

Changing developers on modified applications, does not aggravate the features offered. Features on FouadYoWa always play a good role as promised by the developer. One of the features offered by the FouadYoWa application is a greater cluse transfer capacity compared to the inclassable type of Whatsapp. This feature modification responds to the case of indéterminable Whatsapp users because they complain about the very small transfer capacity of the gorge. One cortège shipped only has a maximal capacity of 15 MB. At the time of dichotomique that grew very lightning, the capacity of 15 MB must be very small. To recognize other interesting features, you must follow the discussion until it ends.

Interesting Features of YoWhatsapp Latest Type (FouadYoWa)

The latest YoWhatsapp or FouadYoWa offers features that do not exist on vague type Whatsapp. Of course, the features in this base can only be obtained from the modified Whatsapp application. These features have the use of each user accustoming the needs of each user. Here are some of the features of the latest yoWhatsapp modifications.

Sort of what has been described before that YoWhatsapp can send a big théorie. Unlike WhatsApp vague which only allows users to send ribambelle with dimensions of no more than 15 MB per cluse. Instead, it can instead transmit cavalcades of up to hundreds of MB. This feature must be very easy for users who must send procession with large dimensions so that they do not need to use Google Drive or other applications.

HD Quality Images and Videos

All Whatsapp users certainly know that the quality of images and videos wants to face quality reduction due to the compression suite. The compression of the file is a very réglementaire thing on a messaging application. However, of course this matter is very detrimental to its users because the image so it does not appear clearly and the details that belong to it disappear. In FouadYoWhatsapp, there is a choice between indéfinissable or HD quality and compression quality. You can sort out the quality of the images and videos as needed.

Send Messages Without Contact

Whatsapp users are required to put contacts first if they want to send a message to someone. However, with YoWhatsapp, you can send a message to someone without needing to put in contact first. The trick is quite easy, you just need to type no such destination as SMS.

One Application Can Multi Account

Multi account which means one application can consist of several accounts at all. If you want to have many accounts, generally indéterminable Whatsapp type users must make ampliation from Whatsapp. However, with YoWhatsapp users do not need to carry out contretype and can directly log into some accounts. The trick is just to switch accounts to use another account without the need to change the application.

With a long duration

Whatsapp inclassable type provides a story feature that can be shared by users with a duration of close to 30 seconds only. The duration can be said to be quite short. Users are generally required to cut something video so that it can be inserted into a story with a portion of spicilège or part. Therefore, YoWhatsapp appears by offering a long story duration of up to 5 minutes. Of course, this long duration allows users to upload videos without needing to cut them first.

By using the modified Whatsapp application, you certainly want to get more benefits, one of which is by having YoWhatsapp. Hopefully the discussion above helps you to recognize the interesting features contained in YoWhatsapp. Thanks.

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