5 Of Honda's Future Technologies Leading to

Honda is demonstrating the culmination of cutting-edge technology for the future. They are ready to show off the greatness of mobility, robots, power-producing devices, wireless vehicles and other concepts, at the Consumer Technology Association (CES) 8 - 19 January 2019. According to the company, the aasir was designed to support the daily activities of humans.

"We are looking for partners to work together to build and test the latest technology. And CES 2019, the market place for the B2B market, is a great place to meet the right partners. Through open innovation, Honda can create added value for human mobility. Then accommodate a diverse lifestyle, while realizing an environment that is minimal accident risk," said Nick Sugimoto, CEO of Honda Innovations.

Behind the big plan, there is Honda Innovations, part of the R&D team that is ready to make its first debut. They will display prototype technologies and concept vehicles that include:

1. Autonomous Work VehicleThe Honda Autonomous Work Vehicle

Honda will hold a crash test on the Honda Autonomous Work Vehicle. A prototype off-road vehicle that combines an All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) with autonomous technology. The technology was designed by Honda R&D America, to assist in several sectors: construction, agriculture, search and rescue and firefighting.

Vehicles use AN ATV chassis that is suitable for use when exploring difficult terrain. It is supported by Four Wheel Drive (4WD) drive and assisted by GPS and sensor technology. Previously, this car was displayed at CES 2018 under the name 3E-D18. Now the enhanced model is beginning to undergo a series of tests in various terrains.


They have a technology called Safe SWARMTM. The name is difficult to pronounce, but its function is vital. It was created to build an environment that minimizes accidents, through connected car technology. Honda Safe SWARMTM is claimed to be able to support vehicles to communicate with each other.

It is said to be able to share information about the location and speed level of the car. Technology is equipped with sensors, making the vehicle can do its own considerations in finding the safest road.

Through Safer SWARMTM, the manufacturer promises accident prevention. The trick is to do early braking, when the vehicle in front stops suddenly or changes direction. The system is powered by V2X communication technology, as well as sensors in the vehicle and surrounding infrastructure.

3. Robotics

In addition to being famous as an automotive manufacturer, they also diligently show off robotic technology. In the future, they can help human activities in the future. Therefore, the manufacturer created the Honda P.A.T.H (Predicting Action of the Human) Bot. A robot that can maneuver nimbly in public places.

Inside the P.A.T.H embedded artificial intelligence (artificial intelligence). It uses on-board cameras and sensors to identify its location and surrounding environment. To support the development of robots, they also introduced the Honda RaaS (Robotics as a Service) platform. Serves as software that supports data storage and sharing.

Unfinished. The Japanese manufacturer also features the Honda Omni Traction Drive System, as a mechanism that allows robots to move anywhere. The system is used on the Honda UNI-CUB, which was exhibited in Indonesia in March.

4. Wireless Vehicle-to-Grid

Wireless Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) is an electrical management system that has the potential to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide. The growing popularity of electric vehicles, making the demand for electricity soaring. Sometimes electricity production is done using methods that cause the amount of carbon to increase.

With a Wireless Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) system, electric charging can be done both ways. From charging stations to electric cars, as well as vice versa from electric cars to charging stations. The system is said to reduce the burden of electricity producers in meeting market demand. Motorists who supply electricity from their cars to charging stations are compensated by the relevant operator.

5. Honda Innovations

At CES, Honda Developer Studio used the New Honda Passport 2019 to demonstrate the Dream Drive. This is a virtual reality simulation combined with the movement of the vehicle.

Honda Dream Drive for Driver demonstrates in-vehicle payment transactions. So motorists can make restaurant reservations, pay for groceries and share their car location through a car mobile wallet. Sophisticated isn't it?

Meanwhile, Honda Dream Drive for Passenger features a variety of interesting applications. You can view movies and set up the radio and features in the cabin via smartphone. Finally, the Honda Xcelerator with Noveto is ready to demonstrate 3D audio technology, which alerts riders to various objects. Especially parts that are difficult to see or detect by sensors, thus preventing accidents on the way. (Alx/Odi)

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