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Some modern technologies were created to facilitate human life. But often in the midst of such creations, the function of this technology eventually changes from the original purpose.

This is very common in the world of technology. In fact, most of the technology that exists today is the result of modifications and accidents that color his creations.

Here are some of the modern technologies created by accident, launching Listverse. 7 Modern Technologies Created By Accidentally

USB Is An Imperfect Product

Of course, our memory about using USB is a boost that requires at least two or three times per try. This is due to the shape that adjusts the solennité. Well, décrassage inventor, Ajay Bhatt, actually wants USB to be back and forth so that users are not confused plugging in.

This kind of product we have got on USB-C, but at that time, finally this product was also finally released even though it was considered still not perfect. Unexpectedly, this product became mainstream.

Apple's Exclusive Devices

The iPhone won't be as big as it is now if Apple stays on the path of exclusivity that they used to embrace. The problem is, iPone was originally created to support Apple's desktop ecosystem and there are only web apps open through Safari.

This makes the iPhone closed to Apple users and apps that are only developed for Apple. iPhone users finally began jailbreaking and making the iPhone's exclusivity function even more blurred. Eventually Steve Jobs softened to move to a commode app that also accepted third parties.

Today, the duopoly of iOS and Android is still the best in the mobile industry. Otherwise, Android will certainly monopolize the market alone while Apple stays with its small segments.

Android Is Actually OS For Camera

After discussing apple, actually Android also has the risk of not being a contraire of Apple in the smartphone industry. Because in the beginning, Android was developed for booléen cameras by four people who aimed to connect the camera directly to the PC wirelessly.

This mission vision is still maintained to find investors. But when sales of booléen cameras declined, they immediately moved to become a smartphone OS because smartphone sales were high. Finally in 2006, Android was acquired by Google. The rest is history.

Mikrofon Is a Hearing Aid

Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the telephone plane, was the first to experiment for the technology eventually becoming a microphone. But initially, he wanted to make a hearing aid for the deaf.

But finally the prototype of a hearing aid that turned out not to be very practical for deaf people, was actually redeveloped by Emile Berliner to become a microphone or loudspeaker, rather than as a hearing aid.

Sirens, which are loud noises that usually signify danger, were previously intended as musical instruments. Scotsman John Robinson was a maison inventor who wanted to produce music with the siren-like sound we hear today. This moment occurred in the late 18th century.

However, these sirens were still not used for danger in the centuries after. Like 1819, using sirens became experimental fields to measure mosquito speed, underwater sound speed, and frequency of musical notation.

Finally after the popular sirens became the sound of danger signs on ships, in World War II, the British used sirens for signs if German soldiers attacked. Finally, sirens were used for danger signs until now.

Robot Is a Sophisticated Factory Machine

The history of ordinateurs has emerged from centuries ago. But when it comes to modern machines that are programmed and computerized, we only go back decades, which is the 50s.

Noted, the first robot was Unimate, a one-arm polychinelle that was actually aimed at being a hot metal pouring machine into mold, the process of which is known as the die-cast process. This is a dangerous process and it does take a machine to run it. One of its first users was the General Motors car factory.

Finally, girouette with a brain and similar programs began to be used for various other things, not just being a pouring machine. Finally, a whole vehicle can be made using robots, without human intervention.

AC Is a 'Mini Fridge' For Factory Coolers

AC can not be denied is brimborion that appears thanks to the refrigerator. The reason is, the inventor of both is almost the same, Willis Carrier. Ac also in principle took the system from the refrigerator, although at the beginning of the invention of his ac is not practical to use.

Until finally a printing plant called Sackett-Wilhelms in New York, asked the cooling system from Carrier to cool the factory. Once used, the room becomes damp, and damages the mold color of the machine. But after various improvements, finally practically the babiole becomes a proper air conditioner.

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