9 Secret Tips to Save Windows 10 Laptop Battery

Windows 10 is indeed known for its wasteful battery usage because there are basically a variety of start-up applications that run simultaneously.

Nevertheless, we as users can prevent it all so that the battery use of laptops in Windows 10 is more efficient than usual.

In addition to reducing the brightness level of the laptop screen by making settings below 50%, there are still some other tips that need to be done to save battery life in Windows 10. Among them are as follows. How to save windows 101 laptop battery. Turn off live tiles feature

With the live tiles feature in Windows 10, a user will get the latest information in real time such as weather changes, updated world news and so on.

This feature is actually very useful. It's just that in addition to being able to spend the use of quotas, the live tiles feature has the potential to make the laptop battery become quickly drained.

Disabling windows 10 live tiles is very easy. Visit the Start Menu (Windows icon) in the taskbar. Then right-click on one of the Live Tiles, then select Turn Live Tiles Off.2. Stop unused background apps

If the laptop battery only lasts 1 hour even though the brightness level of the screen and laptop is not in a condition too often used, then it could be the cause is none other than a background application or background application that still runs even though the laptop is not in use.

There are various Windows 10 applications that run even though the laptop is not in use, including news, weather, Xbox, Groove, Music, Windows Store and others.

To confirm this feature, visit the All Settings – System – Apps and Features menu. Uninstall the default Windows 10 application that is not used. Create custom power plan settings

If you want to save laptop battery, then the next step that needs to be done is to make custom power plan settings on Windows 10.

This power plan setting has to do with reducing the brightness level of the screen, setting the time when the laptop will change to sleep conditions, automatic shutdown if not used and so on.

If you want to do so, visit the All Settings menu on the taksbar – type in the Power Settings search field – select Balenced. The rest, check the settings as in the picture above. Enable battery saver features

Windows 10 also comes with a support feature called Battery Saver. With this supporting feature, we as users can save laptop battery optimally.

So wait moreover, immediately activate the battery saver feature by visiting the All Settings – System – Battery – Battery Saver menu. The next step is to make arrangements according to your needs. Enable the screen saver feature

The way that can be done so that the laptop battery is durable, you can take advantage of the screen saver feature that has been provided by Windows 10. Not only laptop batteries that will last, but with a screen saver will also keep the laptop LCD screen maintained the brightness level of the screen.

Enable screen saver can be done by typing the keyword Screen Saver in the taskbar search box. Then, specify the desired screen saver option and make the setting duration at least 5 minutes.

So, if in more than 5 minutes the laptop is not used, then the screen saver will be displayed. It is recommended to use a dark-themed screen saver.6. Use a lightweight antivirus or simply use windows defender

Tips to save the battery of a Windows 10 laptop this one is quite easy to do. If you update frequently on Windows 10, then just use the built-in antivirus that is Windows Defender. No need to install additional antivirus.

With a note, the Windows 10 you are using must be original instead of pirated and Windows 10 is always in an updated condition in order to get the latest antivirus database.

Meanwhile, if you are using the old version of Windows 10, then additional antivirus is needed. One of the best antivirus minimal power is ESET Internet Security and so on. Use ssd

The use of SSDs in Windows 10 will not only speed up data transfer which will make the performance of the laptop faster than using a hard drive. However, ssd usage can also reduce battery power usage. It's just that the price of SSDs is quite expensive for large storage cottonistas. Do not plug an additional cooling fan on USB

Additional cooling fans under the laptop are indeed very powerful to reduce excessive laptop temperature. But if you plug the additional cooling fan into USB, then the effort to save windows 10 laptop battery will be useless.

Alternatively, you can use the charger to turn on the additional cooling fan. That way, the battery of the laptop will not be drained quickly. Avoid excessive multi-tasking activities

What's more, laptops used for gaming are not recommended. Because these activities will of course make the laptop battery run out quickly in a matter of minutes or less than 1 hour.

In addition, you should avoid doing excessive multi-tasking activities. For example, just use a word processing application such as Ms. Word and just hear music.

There is no need to open large numbers of other applications at the same time. For example, while typing, listening to music, opening a browser, opening graphics applications and more simultaneously are not recommended.

All of the above tips should be done so that the battery life remains durable and the use of laptop batteries becomes more efficient in use. If you apply some of the above methods, it is not impossible that you can use a laptop under normal conditions for 4-8 hours of use without charge.

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