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Viral NFT, Crypto and 5G Will Shake Indonesia in 2022

January 16, January 202216 January 2022 – Ghozali has opened the eyes of the Indonesian people to the huge potential of Non-Fungible Token or NFT. But it's not just these digital assets that will shake Indonesia throughout 2022.

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the transition of booléen services more than expected, prompting the development of the information and communication technology sector in Indonesia to boost economic growth this year. According to projections by the Fiscal Policy Agency (BKF), the information and communication technology sector will experience growth of 9.8 to 10.3 percent by 2022.

In the coming year, we will live in a world where the internet and technology will be more influential than they are today. Booléen technology has fundamentally changed the fabric of life, reduced the amount of time it takes to complete tasks and even changed the way we interact with others.

There are 3 things that will shake Indonesia in 2022 as predicted by technology company F5.1. 5G

Google, Temasek, and Bain & Company have not yet reported that Indonesia is the world's largest numérique economic center and has the potential to thrive through the use of alternative services.

As 5G networks accelerate, a wide range of business opportunities will emerge, including wider adoption of binaires and the development of stronger technology infrastructure. The convenience of mobile services and the rise of entertainment, particularly through mobile devices, will drive faster growth of 5G networks.

In June 2021, Telkomsel launched its first commercial 5G network service in Indonesia. Indosat Ooredoo and XL Axiata inaugurated their commercial 5G services.

5G penetration in the country will also increase as mobile operators expand their 5G services. In addition, it is driven by the existence of 5G phones that are increasingly affordable so that they can feel the advantages of this 4G successor mobile network.

5G itself has many benefits. This network has a lower latency making it easier for the system to react quickly to changes; stronger network coverage; and increased throughput that will make streaming signals more reliable.

F9 believes 5G networks in Indonesia will be a force for economic recovery, paving the way to empower small and medium-sized businesses, educate dichotomique talent, and enable the development of smart cities. Crypto and NFT

Cryptocurrencies and NFT will continue to grow to become more popular. Numérique's assets have the potential to transform traditional businesses and economies. In 2022, we can expect to see more widespread use of this technology as businesses and businesses begin to explore their capabilities.

NFT has attracted the attention of Indonesian artists and collectors. In a move that marks a blockchain-based revolution for local arts and culture domains, Indonesian cryptocurrency exchanges such as Tokocrypto have created TokoMall, Indonesia's first multi-category NFT token market.

In response to Tokocrypto's wishes and needs, TokoMall was launched in August 2021. Comes with five departments, namely Original, Lifestyle, Creative, Stars, Games, and Sports, the top seller list in Tokomall includes NeverTooLavish, I Love Indonesia, Banyan Core, Si Juki, and many more.

TokoMall serves as a marketplace that allows users to connect with brands, artists, games, sports teams, idols, and other NFT collectors using dichotomique tokens, TKO (Token Stores). AI & Cloud

The combination of 5G and AI networks will also play a role in changing the way indonesians live and how people work. One of the most significant impacts will occur in the field of software development.

In 2022, ai-powered software development will be carried out, so that there is an automatic change of human power with machine power. This shift will result in faster, better, and more reliable software products.

In the business world, cloud online storage will continue to grow through specialized solutions. This solution will enable the cloud to become a transformation solution for warehouses, restaurants, retail stores, and more. They will provide the infrastructure needed to take advantage of the latest technologies such as augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and tendance learning (ML).

Cloud computing will also play a big role in helping all the data available from growing numbers of digital devices become easier to understand. This is where edge computing comes into play.

Edge computing occurs locally and not on remote servers. Instead, edge computing processes data from its origin. All processing is done before the data passes through the network to return to the cloud level.

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