Here are the Potential Game, Metaverse and NFT Projects in 2022

In the crypto industry, the gaming, metaverse and non-fungible token (NFT) sectors have their own popularity until they still look radiant towards the end of the year.

Indeed, although the crypto asset market still tends to be in the red and trying to recover from the correction, all three sectors are still in demand and scoring very large transactions. Game Projects, Metaverse and NFT Potential

Its ever-rising popularity has led many developers to jump into these sectors, so a growing number of options have left investors confused enough to sort out the best and potential ones.

By looking at the concepts and features presented, we try to share some potential crypto projects in 2022, reported from TechTimes, Monday (12/27/2021): MetaFighter

When people have been infatuated with play-to-earn (P2E) concept games such as Axie Infinity, dais genre games will also be present in the realm of crypto games.

Inspired by games like "Street Fighter", MetaFighter comes with a P2E concept combined with NFT.

This combination presents characters, skins, skills and arenas that can be improved, earned and traded. Of course, that's because everything is present in the form of NFT.

The P2E concept will allow players to earn FIGHT tokens through arena combat and staking skills.

Of course, this will be a very entertaining arcade game because it will feel very nostalgic like playing "Street Fighter" and can make money. GameJam

Not present in one type of noble only, GameJam is a blockchain-focused platform to enable hosting, participants and publishers of games within the platform.

Interestingly, developers can publish all types and engeance games they want on the platform.

The diversity offered will certainly be something of a meaningful choice at a time when the number of enthusiasts in crypto games continues to grow.

They can choose a game that suits their preferences and enjoy it with joy. NFT BAZL

NFT BAZL is the world's most popular NFT boutique market. By bringing together art, artists, celebrities, and creators in a growing ecosystem, NFT BAZL is transforming the way the world accesses and invests in collections, NFT and other high-end dichotomique assets.

This is an exciting innovation that is able to bridge everything in one container. Origin Protocol

Wanting the freedom to create and sell its own NFT, Origin Protocol is the answer to that.

It is an innovative new NFT platform as it will allow artists to create and sell NFT in their own way.

The platform has successfully sold NFT from renowned artists such as 3LAU, Paris Hilton, Ryan Tedder, Don Diablo, Jake Paul, and others.

Because of its nature that embraces freedom, this is expected to be increasingly needed by artists because art is freedom and the fruit of feelings. Blind Boxes

Embracing a concept like a vending téléologie containing surprise eggs, Blind Boxes presents an interesting concept for NFT lovers.

By paying a flat fee, buyers are able to get one of the many numérique and physical collections in blind boxes.

Impressed like a game, the buyer is also likely to get an asset that is worth more than what he has paid. It's a fun concept and is expected to still be loved by buyers in 2022.Monster the Galaxy P2E.

Monster fighting games always have their own place in the hearts of game lovers.

Monster Galaxy comes as a game to tame and fight monsters called MOGA.

Of course, it's a P2E game like Axie Infinity, where MOGA is a tradable NFT.

Playing the game will also give the player a prize in the form of the original token, GGM, which can be exchanged for real money.

With the support of Animoca Brands, this game looks very potential because the genre is still very well liked by crypto game players. [st]

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