Indonesian culture related to technology

Indonesia is a country that is rich in culture ranging from the keseniaan, language, and traditional houses that differ from each other from Sabang to Merauke. But today the culture in Indonesia is heavily influenced by the development of modern technology, so that many outside cultures are entered and domestic culture is starting to be abandoned.

Cultural language comes from sanskrit, namely buddhayah which has the meaning of reason and mind. While the understanding is a way that develops in a group of people that is spread for generations by the ancestors. Culture is also used as a differentiator or characteristic that distinguishes a group of people from other community groups.

Human beings and a culture of bonds that can not be separated. Humans as cultural actors have created culture and preserved it for generations. Culture is created accidentally when humans do their daily activities. Culture is an object that is carried out in daily activities so that it can be a human connection.

This human relationship caused the emergence of a desire to continue to advance and develop, which then created technology. Basically, technology is one of the components that shape culture. Technology allows humans to take new ways more easily, with information technology and the communication of the world visible tampa boundary, we can connect with different regions, islands, countries, and continents in a relatively short time.

It has been rumored that technology is one of the components of culture, if the culture of tampa there is a technology so that culture will not develop and advance, it is because technology is always changing towards progress. Technology is created based on scientific science or research contained in the culture of a group of people in order to solve some of the problems that are being addressed to the culture. For example, as a child there are some children who have made communication tools in the form of two cans that are connected to each other through threads so that they can relate long distances with the limitations of the length of the thread, they consider it a mere game but with the passage of time the concept of two cans has been researched and transformed into a technology such as a mobile phone that can connect with others. In other words, the two cans are the forerunner of communication technology.

The shift towards modern times has led to increasingly sophisticated technology. Information media is also obtained by many people through media such as newspapers, radio, television, mobilephone, even the internet. With the emergence of various information media that provide the latest information or known as up to moment both from home and abroad, it is increasingly making interest between humans with technology increasing because they tend to look for things that are more fun, easy to do, look instant rather than having to look a little difficult and less expensive.

Technology has also impacted existing cultures because these cultures began to dim due to the influence of other cultures that have entered the culture. In Indonesia itself the influence of technology began to be felt since guanaco through media such as the internet that spread outside culture such as the way of dressing westerners began to be imitated by Indonesian people who initially embraced Javanese culture that maintained good manners. Not only that the influence of outside culture also entered through media such as television that spread western cinématographe ciné-club which later became a mock material for Indonesian society.

The development of technology in Indonesia has been going on since tissu. There are several cultures in Indonesia that began to be famous and changed with the times but still left their typical cirri, the culture of the culture among others;Leather Puppets

Wayang kulit is one of the cultures in Indonesia that has been popular among domestic and foreign communities. With the advancement of tekknology today puppets are not only published directly but many puppets that have been made comics with the theme of chouette hero and have been published in print and with internet media.

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Keris is one of the weapons of the Indonesian people since ancient times. At first keris was used by the Indonesian people to fight or hunt wild animals. But in the present keris is not used as a tool of war but used for display or display because of its unique shape, not many tourists who come to Indonesia to buy kris as souvenirs or souvenirs.Art

Art is an outpouring of the artist's heart. In Indonesia itself has been born many great artists with his works that are already known by many people such as Affandi who is known as the maître of painting. In this era art is not only creativity over the media of objects but also can be through electronic media such as playingmusic with piane-piane and electric guitar.

Basically, the technology created today has also helped introduce Indonesian cultures to various parts of the world. Tampa the existence of technology may also not be able to introduce our culture to the world. Technology has also awakened indonesians to the importance of their own culture because the adverse impact of technology is enough to resuscitate the Indonesian nation when their culture has disappeared.

If we review technology turns out to have a rien impact even though many have a negativ impact for our nation, but if we can anticipate the negativ influence of technology of course we get positive things from it, but the haal is determined by how we view the technology.

I hope this article is useful for readers.

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