Intel launches dozens of new Alder Lake Gen 12 CPUs for desktop and mobile

Intel again added a number of new processors (CPUs) that belong to the family of 12th generation Intel Core processors, aka Intel "Alder Lake".

This latest CPU is divided into two market categories, namely desktop processors and mobile processors (laptops).

For the desktop segment, there are 22 new processors presented by Intel of various types, ranging from Intel Celeron, Pentium, Core i3, Core i5, Core i7, to Core i9.

Intel Core i9 CPUs, aka the top models of other processor types, are equipped with 16 processor cores (cores) consisting of 8 Performance Cores (P-cores) to support heavy performance and 8 Core Efficiency Cores (E-cores) to save power.

For other processors, Intel Core i7 CPUs have a 12 core configuration (8 P-cores + 4 E-cores), while the latest Intel Core i5 is equipped with only 6 P-cores.

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Intel Core i3, Pentium, and Celeron processors are also only equipped with cores used for performance only, which consists of 4 P-cores for Intel Core i3, and 2 P-cores for Intel Pentium and Celeron.

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Although the configuration and number of cores are different, all of these processors already support DDR5-4800 and DDR4-3200 RAM types, and the compact has 16 PCIe 5.0 lanes and 4 PCIe 4.0 lanes.

The names of the latest desktop CPUs in full, as well as their core capabilities, can be listened to in the following table. Intel CoreCores (P+E)E-Cores Base Clock (MHz)E-Cores Turbo Clock (MHz)P-Cores Base Clock (MHz)P-Cores Turbo Clock (MHz)L3 Cache (MB)Integrated GPUTDP Base (Watt)TDP Turbo(Watt)i9-129008+818003800240051003077065202i9-12900F8+8180038002400510030-65202i9-12900T8+818003600140049003077035106i7-127008+416003600210049002577065180i7-12700F8+4160036002100490025-65180i7-12700T8+41000340014004700257703599i5-126006+0--330048001877065117i5-12600T6+0--21004800187703574i5-125006+0--300046001877065117i5-12500T6+0--20004400187703574i5-124006+0--250044001873065117i5-12400F6+0--2500440018-65117i5-12400T6+0-- 18004200187303574i3-123004+0--35004400127306089i3-12300T4+0--23004200127303569i3-121004+0--33004300127306089i3-12100F4+0--3300430012-5889i3-12100T4+0--22004100127303569Pentium G74002+0--3700-671046-Pentium G7400T2+0--3100-671035-Celeron G69002+0--3400-471046-Celeron G6900T2+0--2800-471035-Latest Intel Core Alder Lake laptop processor

Wccftech Illustration of Intel Alder Lake processor.

In addition to desktop processors, Intel also introduced its latest 8 Intel Alder Lake CPUs consisting of Intel Core i9, i7, and i5 models.

This type of laptop processor has a configuration of P-Cores and E-Cores, as well as the number of Threads (T) that vary.

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Of the 8 12th generation Intel Core laptop processors, the Intel Core i9-12900HK is the most capable. Because, the processor is the only Intel Alder Lake laptop processor equipped with overclock capabilities.

That said, various new laptop processors will equip a number of laptops that will be released by various laptop vendors in the next few weeks.

Moreover, here is a list of the latest laptop processor capabilities that fall into the Intel Alder Lake family, as summarized by Nuansatech from AnandTech, Wednesday (05/01/2022). Intel CoreCores (P+E/T)P-Cores Base Clock (MHz)P-Cores Turbo Clock (MHz)TDP Base (Watt)TDP Turbo (Watt)i9-12900HK6P + 8E = 20TTBA500045TBAi9-12900H6P + 8E = 20TTBA500045TBAi7-12800H6P + 8E = 20TTBA480045TBAi7-12700H6P + 8E = 20TTBA470045TBAi7-12650H6P + 4E = 16TTBA470045TBAi5-12600H4P + 8E = 16TTBA450045TBAi5-12500H4P + 8E = 16TTBA450045TBAi5-12450H4P + 4E = 12TTBA440045TBA

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