Must Try, Here are the 10 Best Battery Saver Apps

Smartphones have now become a part of human life. Its function to help find information practically, get entertainment or learning facilities is very important.

Unfortunately the use of smartphones outside is limited because of the capacity of the battery.

If you go to a place that is difficult to get a source of electricity then saving battery must be done. But don't worry, because there are currently many battery saver apps that you can take advantage of.

How can an app work to save battery power? Doesn't the app consume a lot of power?

What happens quite the opposite, some of the following battery-saving applications actually help save battery power on the phone.

List of The Best Battery Saver Apps

In order to get a lot of power in a mobile phone, many people try to make it happen.

For example, hp manufacturers, they are competing to create batteries with large capacity and fast charging.

While mobile phone users eventually buy a power bank that can be a portable charger place.

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So if anywhere goes the power on the smartphone can always be full. But there's nothing wrong with learning how to save battery life.

Usually every phone that already has low power will have an automatic power saver feature.

If your smartphone is at 5 percent or less power, the phone will inform to enable the power-saving feature.

When the feature is enabled, the phone screen will change with minimal applications.

Some phones with this feature are active can still last up to several hours. But don't let the phone's battery completely run out and the phone eventually shuts down.

If the phone often experiences exhausted battery and repeated continuously can affect the hardware. Cell phone damage can also occur because you do not pay attention to power problems.

So that the phone is not damaged, the following are recommendations for the best battery saving app for Android that you can rely on. Easy Battery Saver

Free apps that can be used to save battery life. You can use it easily because it looks simple.

The advantages available from this application are that there is information about the status of the battery.

This information will be displayed on the main page. So there is no need to look at the application specifically.

Simply unlock the phone, go to the main page and you will know what the remaining battery capacity is available. AccuBattery

The best-selling battery saver application especially when your phone's battery has started to break.

The phone must use this application so that it does not drop quickly and when the phone's battery has started to fill up, the automatic application will stop to save battery.

How to use this application is also very easy. You just need to download the app then enable the power saving feature. This application will work automatically close some other applications that are wasteful of power. Battery Doctor

The advantage of this application is that you can save available power for up to two days. Whereas for other applications the maximum can only save battery for a few hours.

How can this app work so sparingly? The secret lies in its ability to remove bloatware that is rarely used but actually absorbs battery power.

Additional information about the condition of the battery is also available you will also know how much the battery remains.

So you can control other applications such as wifi, GPS and others that should be turned off because they are not used. Battery Optimizer

It is a battery saver application that has a lot of useful features.

You will get features around battery savers that make it easier to use the phone.

For example, if you want to save battery at night then just activate the night feature.

Some other features that can also be an option are power save, super save, custom user, balanced and so on.

All these features are deliberately provided by developers so that users can choose which one is needed. Because not everyone wants to save battery because of the difficulty of getting electricity.

It's an app that saves power automatically. You can download it directly on the Play Store or App Store.

The way this app works is by saving power when the phone is not in use.

Because usually even though the phone is turned off some applications still run. For example, a news app or other reminder app.

That way your phone will be frugal, but keep in mind also that the latest reminder or news facilities will not be detected. Avast Battery Saver

It's an app that's no stranger to being heard. Avast is an antivirus company that also develops apps to save battery life.

Even this application is available not only to save battery but also laptop.

This one app is paid so you have to prepare money to subscribe.

Indeed, this application is actually more suitable to save power on a laptop than a mobile phone. But not a few also download it to save smartphone battery.

The way avast battery saver works is generally the same as other applications, namely turning off applications that are running but not in use. DU Battery Saver

You can easily extend the active life of the phone with this app.

The power used in smartphones can last a long time with a reduction in power picked up by some other apps.

There are some key features offered by this application that is knowing the battery capacity and time left. You can also monitor battery usage.

Just one tap this app will work quickly.

8. Kaspersky Battery Life

Not to be outdone by Avast products, Kaspersky which is also a quality anti-virus company also creates battery saving applications.

The difference is this application was created only for android phones only and can be directly downloaded on the Play Store with a size of 10 Mb.

You will get some features that are no less interesting. Such as monitoring the health condition of the battery.

As well as the Boost feature that will increase the power on the battery but still save when used. Green Battery

It is an application that will power the battery of smartphones and laptops. With this application also cpu performance increases.

Some unnecessary applications will be automatically stopped so as not to consume excessive power.

You'll also be seen navigating easy to understand to find out how battery savings are done. Avira Battery Saver

Another anti-virus company that provides battery-saving apps. Avira was created for smartphones and comes with a scanner.

Check ram and know how it performs you can know with a single tap.

If the smartphone is running slowly you can take advantage of the Cache Cleaner feature available. That way the mobile phone experience becomes more fun.

It's battery saving and smartphones can still work fast with just avira battery saver.

All the apps that can save your battery can be downloaded right now.

You can choose a free app to save power on the battery. Without a second thought, download it now.

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